Thursday, September 16, 2010


This weekend Scott is riding in the Moab Century. For those who don't know, a century in biking terms is 100 miles. Yes, that's right, Scott will be biking 100 miles. The kicker? The first 30 miles are all uphill! I'm trying not to think too much about him riding that far in the 90 degree heat. We all remember how that 90 degree ride turned out for me...right? Fortunately, Scott is built to be a biker. He's tall, lean and just really a natural on his bike. God Speed my darling husband, God speed!

(image credit: poisonspiderbicycles)

We're also CAMPING while in Moab. Scott says "Kate's more of an indoor gal" and he's right. A month ago when I was hiking in Red Rocks, seeing that deer 10 feet from me I was thinking "THIS IS TOO MUCH NATURE!" I'm hoping that this will be a good camping experience. We're borrowing nearly every piece of camping equipment aside from our camping chairs which are like the Cadillac of camping chairs, trust!

Any camping tips you've got...let's GO, send 'em over!

Here's my list of things we need:

Tools to put the tent together?
Sleeping bags
sleeping pads
cooler with drinks and breakfast stuff
bike clothes
portable alarm clock
flash light-head lamps
Cadillac camping chairs
directions to Moab KOA
Phone #'s
trash bags
toilet paper
shower flip flops
smores stuff
clorox wipes (duh)
baby wipes

Am I missing anything my mind?
We leave tomorrow, wish Scott luck!


  1. Moab is such a beautiful area. Maybe he'll be distracted by the scenery and the ride will go by really fast.

  2. I took yesterday off, so apparently I can't wish you good luck before you go.

    Instead, you'll have to tell me all about it when you get back! :)