About Me

My name is Katy and I live in Denver, CO with my husband who looks like Hugh Laurie, our 3 cats. Arthur aka Artie likes to meow at 3am until we threaten to shoot him in the face. Sara, who looks like a little princess, but inside she'll cut a bitch and Tick, aka Papa, who's big and furry and wouldn't last two minutes in the "wild".

We like to experiment with various different things that usually center around food. We spent 3 months doing Bill Phillip's Body for Life, we've gone sugar free (that lasted about a second), we've gone vegetarian, pescatarian and for the majority of our lives we've just been plain ole' American meet eaters.

We decided to give veganism a try, for 30 days at least, and we started on Sept 12th, 2011. This blog is dedicated to the in's and out's of all things vegan. Including but not limited to, how not to be a hipster pretentious vegan.