Monday, June 11, 2012

Bob Ross for weight loss!

Hello Everyone Just wanted to let you know I'm alive over here in my area of the innerwebs. Last time I posted I think it was about feeling sorta shitty and well, I didn't want that to be the last post in my blog any more.

I'm feeling less shitty in many ways, so yea for me!

So far this post sounds sorta pathetic. So, let me first start out by saying that if anyone who knows me in real life reads this (and I know there are at least a few of you out there) don't be alarmed if I start saying stuff like, I'm depressed or what not. Not sure what exactly I mean by that, I just want this to be a place for me to vent if I need to without friends taking this as some cause for concern. So, for all intents and purposes, I'm going to just pretend that none of you know me in real life.

Also, I wanted to sort of say that just like my most favorite blogger Tricia, (who's back blogging, hooray) I'm not so hip anymore about JUST talking about weight loss, or the lack thereof. Maybe it's because I've been at a stand still in that arena, but mostly because I'm about so much more than the number on the scale. For instance, I fucking love Bob Ross. He's so soothing. Check him out, seriously. I don't mean this in a hipster, ironic way. I really do love him. So, if you're hip on me blogging about weight AND other :)

But speaking of weight, have you seen the new HBO series the weight of the nation? I downloaded it on itunes and have watched many of the episodes. In one of the episodes it talks about how people who have lost weight are metabolically different than a person who's been at a normal weight their entire life. So let's say Suzy was 250 and lost 100 lbs, so now she's 150. Suzy has a friend, Betty who's been 150 her whole adult life. Suzy will always ALWAYS have to eat less calories to maintain her 150 lb frame where as Betty can eat more and maintain the same weight. Well, DAMN! That's just not fair.

What's worse is that they've proven that when you lose weight, your body will essentially always....ALWAYS fight you by trying to regain the weight because it some how didn't get the memo that it's really horribly unhealthy to be obese. Your body wants you to be fat. Isn't that just a kick in the teeth? I know this almost sounds like a bad campfire story, but if you don't believe me, watch the research for yourself. Just don't watch it with a bowl of ice cream. So, even if you've lost 100 lbs and have maintained it for years, deep down inside, your brain is fighting you to try and regain every last pound you've lost.

Pass the cookies.
Kidding, sort of.

So, what do we do? Roll over and take it? The message is a little hopeless, but regardless I won't stop trying to get this weight off. It's really a quality of life issue for me. There are things I want to do that I can't because I'm fat. In fact, I started a short list yesterday.
1) try surfing
2) zip line

What would you do if you didn't have weight holding you back?


  1. Wow, that really sucks. Could quite possibly be the reason why I keep losing and regaining the same 60lbs or so. Very frustrating (and unhealthy). So glad you're back.

  2. Oh man, that really sucks ! So does that mean that whatever we do to try and lose weight, our brain is just going to want to kick us in the shins and make us gain it all back ? Crazy!

    If weight wasn't holding me back, I would wear something other than jeans and sneakers all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love them but dressing up like a girl would be fun sometimes.

    Glad you're back !

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