Thursday, February 9, 2012

So that's how that happened

Alright, so I gained 2.4 lbs this week. Thing is, I didn't track anything I ate, but I sincerely thought I was doing pretty well. This morning for breakfast I had the "power breakfast sandwich" from Panara. It's 9 points. A little higher than expected, but not that bad, considering I get 37 points per day.

I'm committing to tracking everything this week, and so it began this morning. Finding out that my "healthy" breakfast was 9 points was a bit of a shock. If I would have estimated in my head I would have guessed 6-7. This made me think, what else did I eat that was not what I expected. Like I said, I didn't track anything, but thought I was making fairly good choices. Case in point: Another panara experience. The chipotle chicken sandwich. Honestly, I don't even know why I go to panara. I think it "looks" healthy but it's not even really that good. Anyone else feel this way? I've never left panara and thought, yeah that was great. Anyway, I digress.

The chipotle chicken sandwich. Here are the STAGGERING stats on this little enemy
Fat:52 gr
Protein:76gr-WHO NEEDS THIS MUCH? I'm not a weight lifter
Sodium:3000 HOLY SHIT
FIber 7gr

OK, so I didn't really think this was the BEST choice, but I've tried many of their salads and I usually get their Mediterranean sandwich sans cheese, which is just veggies and they are both not good and way too dry. This time I thought, I want something that tastes good and it's maybe an ok option. In weight watchers speak this sandwich is 31 points!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Remember, I have 37 points for the whole day. If I'm eating something that's 31 points, it's never going to be this again.

Lesson: Don't eat it and THEN find out the points (unless it's something obviously low in points like a veg salad or maybe broth veg soup etc)

No wonder I gained weight this week! I think I was thinking I was making good choices when in fact I mine as well have been eating fast food all week! This blows.



  1. I hate it when I've eaten and then find out it was a million points. Happens to all of us. I have been tricked by Panera's posing as healthy food, which perhaps it is, just not low calorie.

  2. I call Panera a faux-healthy store. You think you are making good choices because it looks fresh but EVERYTHING is so unhealthy. Some of their sandwiches are over 1000 calories (a big mac i about 520 btw). Have you looked at their sodium content too???? I have slowly weaned myself off them (their bagels are awesome!). Anyway, downwards and onwards.