Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you want weight loss but don't want to give anything up to achieve it? Me too.

I'm happy to report the scale has been trending downward the past two weeks. Granted, it's been a VERY SLOW downward trend, but with valentine's day and my parents coming to visit, I'll take any loss I can :)

I'm still doing weight watchers and I'll be honest, it's a pain in the ass to track all the food and points value, but it's something that's pretty necessary for success with this program.

I'm sort of the master at maintaining my weight. This is both good and bad.

Since my heaviest I've lost 30 lbs. My heaviest was back in 2006 or 2007, I can't recall.

My weight loss went something like...lose 10 lbs, then maintain for a year
Then lose another 10 and maintain for a year
then lose another 10 and maintain for 2 years.

I'm not so great at losing, but I'm fantastic and staying put. The plus side-I'm not gaining. The down side-I'm not losing.

I was thinking this week that since I'm so good at maintaining, all I really have to do is just put my mind to it and lose the next 30 lbs. (I'm breaking ground with these amazing ideas, I know). 30 lbs would put me at a comfortable weight. The weight I was when I got married. Still a little chubby, but not unhealthy. When I'm at my comfortable "not ultimate goal weight, but good enough" weight, then I can then again to into maintence mode. I understand losing weight shouldn't really be a diet, but more of that horrible word "lifestyle change". For me, the lifestyle that makes me maintain is to overall eat healthy, but also enjoy dinners out, and desserts once and a while, and still exercise.

My problem is I want the results of weight loss without having to give anything up. I want to eat out and eat dessert and still lose weight. Not gonna happen! I want it, but I don't want to deprive myself of anything. God forbid :) Doesn't it sound so childish? Like I'm stomping my feat saying, BUT I WANT CHOCOLATE! haha.

Either way I just want to lose these last 30 lbs and then stop thinking about freekin' weight loss! I just want this rat race to be over and I realize that's just going to take a good solid 3-4 months of hard work and, let's be honest, a little deprivation.

If I told you that you could be 30 lbs lighter in 3-4 more months, you'd take it, right? Me too.


  1. Maintaining is always great though since so many people yo-yo all the time (like me a few years ago).

    It sounds like you are ready to buckle down and get the rest off. You don't have to give up what you want! haha just moderate :)

  2. Yep...speaking to the choir! That awful tracking thing is necessary isn't it? I find that when I get lazy about tracking, it's also when I tend to eat a lot of not so good for me food. I'm happy to say I tracked my 14 point piece of pie for reason I can't have it (albiet not everyday) as long as I have the points to spend...I'm having my pie & eating it too...just not everyday;-) Good luck with the 30...just think 3 month's of really hard work, to maybe (HOPEFULLY) never have to loose weight again:-)