Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The green drink. Kid tested...kid tested.

This morning I decided to try a green smoothie. This would have not only never been my "list of recipes to try" but it would have been on my list of recipes NOT to try. But people change, and this morning in an effort to get more greens in, I gave it a go.

I decided to try a recipe I found online that guaranteed that kids would drink this. I think that's usually a good place to start with a person like me. My litman's test is, will a 5 year old eat it/drink it? OK, than MAYBE it will work for me. This one time....Scott was searching for fish oil supplements for me because I can't take those horse pills. (Because again, remember I'm like a 5 year old)? So he talked to a clerk at whole foods who said that he squirted this liquid fish oil in his 5 year old daughter's OJ each morning and she was none the wiser. So scott thought he was free and clear. NOPE, it totally tastes like fish dude! AND...just one more thing before I get back to my green drink. If any of you fellow 5 yr olds out there can't swallow big pills like me, they make an adult gummy vitamin. It's my new thing. You're welcome

So, back to the green drink approved by children.

1 apple
1-1.5 cups green grapes
1 banana
1 cup- 1.5 cups soy or almond milk, or regular milk
1.5 cups spinach
** I added some honey for extra sweetness (I'm on that 30 day vegan challenge, but fuck bees) I'm not THAT hard core people.

Blend the shit out of it so all those spinach chunks go bye bye. Taste it and adjust if needed.

Tip: When you're drinking this, just keep saying this is healthy, this is healthy, this is healthy! Why? Let's just say...without the honey, it's a little "green" if you know what I mean.

I don't know HOW people get down drinks that have NO fruit. Maybe you have to work up to it? Maybe you just have to not be as sensitive as me. I like spinach too! I just like to eat it.

WOW, I'm totally selling this recipe huh? For reals though, try it. You may like it. 5 yr olds do!


  1. I think I would totally enjoy that recipe. I make a green smoothie that is 2 cups spinach, 2 medium oranges (peeled), 1 container of yogurt (any flavor) and ice cubes. It is fabulous. :)

    I'll have to keep an eye on your vegan challenge, only in hopes you post more recipes and reviews. ;)

  2. Bubbies?
    I mean, I know this post is about green smoothies. But what are Bubbies if not the way the Real Housewives of New Jersey say Boobies?

  3. Bubbies are sweet pickles. MMMM, sweet pickles! I forgot, but I posted the fridge pic because I wanted to show how much was left over. Not that I'm going to drink it tomorrow, but I'll make my husband drink it.

  4. That is a nice blender Katy! I have lots of recipes for green drinks that I can share with you.