Monday, October 3, 2011

Dirty Girl Colorado

Last weekend I did something that pretty much goes against everything I stand for. OK, that's extreme, but I'm not the type of girl who enjoys "gettin' dirty" unless you count...nevermind :)

So a friend of mine said she was doing this event called the Dirty Girl and because I'm 50% pervert, my interest was peaked. It's a 5k with ob-stack-els thrown in. Oh, and you get really really muddy. Even though this isn't something I'd typically do, I decided to do it because it's an all women event and it's totally non-competitive. The obstacles were challenging, but nothing we couldn't handle. I totally underestimated how muddy we'd get. Serious yo. Muddd in ma butt. I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

This is a traveling event, so if it comes to your city, go for it!


  1. Awww congratulations! That type of race looks so much more fun to me than the standard ones, haha.

  2. CORRECTION: you are 80% pervert.

    This looked like a ton of fun! I know of a mud run in AZ, but it's for the males and the females. An all-women mud event looks like more fun to me. So glad you did this.. it's good to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile. You ARE a warrior! Love you!