Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan Challenge: Day 28 of 30

All this week I wanted a cheeseburger. More specifically a BBQ burger from Park Burger. If you're in Denver and haven't tried this, go now and eat one for me.

Yesterday I started thinking, maybe I don't want a burger, maybe I just want good fries! Are french fries vegan? I asked google and found lots of information.

Wendy's is the only one that claims to have vegan fries, which basically just means they are cooked in seperate oil from the things like chicken sandwiches. Mmmmm Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. Sorry ya'll.

Turns out McDonald's fries and I think also Burger King Fries have meat flavoring added to them so they are most definitely NOT vegan. I should be totally disgusted by meat flavoring. What is that anyways? But the honest truth is that I really don't care what they season those SOB's in, they're fantastic!

Even though I could have gone to Wendy's I didn't. It wouldn't have been cheating, but it sort of is I think. So I went to the grocery store and bought frozen fries and did them up myself. I didn't have that many, just enough to satisify. And now...I'm good.

I'll report more on Monday about everything. Monday we will have completed the challenge!

30 Days Vegan! Whooo Hooooo let's go eat cow. Kidding :)

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