Monday, September 26, 2011

30 day vegan challenge- half way report

We're in week 3 ya'll!

The longer we do this the more nutty I get about telling people how awesome the vegan diet is. I'm starting to realize this diet gives you natural enthusiasm for "cornbread without any milk or eggs that tastes just like regular cornbread!!!!" EXCLAMATION POINT! When you realize that you can make things vegan and they taste just as good or nearly almost as good as the real's hard not to get jazzy. It's like I feel like I've found the holy grail of eating and I just want to tell everyone.

My enthusiasm may or may not be well received. I'm trying to keep it in check. Mostly because I realize I try a lot of new food plans. First there was body for life, then no sugar, now this... I realize that most people think this may be a phase, and they may be right. I have no idea. But for now, I enjoy it so whatever.

This week we ate

Museli with almond milk and sliced banana (breakfast)
whole grain wheat toast with flax and PB (breakfast)
veggie open faced sandwiches with peppadew peppers-my new fav. thing- (for lunches)
leftovers (lunches)
Aloo Matar (dinner)
Crockpot beans with brown rice and cornbread (dinner)
lots of big green salads (lunch and dinner)
eggplant bread lasagna (dinner)
Garbanzos-restaurant (weekend lunch)

I'm finding that I could be a little more experimental with veggies. The majority of my veggies are greens , onions, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. To make up for my lack of loving things like Kale and swiss chard and other more scary veggies, I'm just making sure I get LOTS of green salads in. I've heard great things about kale chips so I think I'll try making those this week.

Stats: Pounds lost so far-7

As always, if you would like any recipes, just let me know :)

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