Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm bothered about being bothered. Hmph

Last night my husband bounds in the door around 9:30pm. Fresh from his run, with the Monday running club. Me? I'm fresh from my workout with the Bachelorette.

So, he comes in and is like. Wanna be the driver for the Wild West Relay? My guess is, you have no idea what this is. Let me tell you. It's pure insanity, that's what. It's 200 miles of running. Teams are made up of I think 6 people, and you run from Fort Collins CO, to Steamboat Springs.

What's MORE...is that it's a continous moving race. Meaning, you run, rest/sleep, run, rest/sleep, eat, run, sleep...you get the point. You run, then tag a teammate, rest, eat, then run again when it's your turn.

What's MORE...is that my crazy husband wants to do the whole thing barefoot. He's been a barefoot runner for the past few years or so, but he normally wears his Vibram five fingers. This time, he wants to go totally sans shoe. Crazy town!

Now, I know I'm not just sitting around like a bump on a log. I have a semi-thriving photography business and I'm starting to teach yoga again. Those things are taking up a lot of my time and I'm still finding time to exercise (almost daily) and make good healthy meals (most of the time) but DAMN!!! It's hard to not feel hard on myself.

Don't get me wrong. Honestly, I have no real interest in running a 200 mile relay, but I'm just really bothered that I CAN'T physically do it. I'm also really bothered that I'm bothered about this.

Why, people, why?

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  1. Are you really bothered you can't run barefoot too? haha. jk. ;) I know what you're saying though...

    You know what sis? You're doing a lot right now. I think you've come a long way in every aspect of your life. So what if you can't run 80 miles barefoot. ;) Being hard on yourself is just a deterrent from your goals. I believe in you, and I'm so proud of you.