Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's time to start doing things the old fashioned way. Counting calories (and of course working out hard)

How many of you have been maintaining you weight for too long as well?
Let's start eating the elephant (as they say)

My first goal/reward I'm setting for myself is to lose 10 pounds and get to 220. I remember when I first hit 220 (on the way up) and I was so horrified thinking that 220 is like a football players weight, or a boxer's weight. I still think 220 just SOUNDS so freekin' big, but geez, I'm heavier than that! Either way, that's my goal. 10 pounds, and then I'm going to buy some cute new workout shoes. I'm really liking the ones below.

What's your plan?


  1. Hi Katy, You can so do this!! Great reward!! My plan is to stay focused on my 7 Month Goals. I had a great April (Month #1) and I'm looking forward to doing even better in May!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  2. My plan is to have a plan. I have to have everything written out on paper, meals, prep work done, workout times scheduled. If I leave anything to chance... Oy.

  3. Hi Katy; just found your blog. I agree with Joy that you can find your groove. I want to look good naked too ;) My focus is on taking off the weight I gained when I overdrank alcohol.

  4. make a plan and do depand on it is a good method.

  5. I need a plan. My plan is to get a plan, just like Crys. BUT it did occur to me while driving today that I need to set tiny goals because my goal to lose 20 pounds has sat collecting dust for the last 20 months. So without a plan I am going to set a new goal, 2 pounds gone by month's end.