Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Katy got her groove back

Well, we're back from Jamaica. We had an amazing time and I wanted to share a few thoughts (weight loss related)

The trip started out...shall we say, rocky! To make a long story short we showed up to the airport in the middle of the night only to find out they had no tickets reserved for us. About 7 hours later and many frustrated phone calls, we ended up having to buy 2 new round trip tickets to Montego Bay. This resulted in the airline losing our luggage when we actually arrived in Jamaica nearly 24 hours later. For any woman larger than a size 14 this strikes fear into hearts and poses the WHERE am I supposed to buy clothes on a whim? If you're in the states, it's not an issue, but when you're in a country like Jamaica where it's pretty much nothing but poverty and resorts....not exactaly lots of shopping opportunities. I knew we'd have to buy clothing and swim suits from the gift shop of the resort. I KNOW anyone who struggles with their weight will feel the panic of that statement. " I have to buy clothing and a swimsuit from a resort GIFT SHOP" Shhhiiiiiitttttttttt

But this is where the story starts to look up.

You should have seen the clothing on the resort. A size large was like a generous small. The swimsuit section was like itsy bitsy bikinis. Even a woman who I'd guess was maybe a size 8 commented on the sizes. I was getting pretty anxious at this point. We had no idea when we'd recieve our bags and here I was in my pants and t-shirt wondering if this vacation would be ruined because I was too fat to fit into anything. I was starting to go into panic mode when the nicest woman working there insisted that I let her help me. I was like, I need a suit and all these are really tiny. She said in her thick Jamaican accent "Don't assume, Don't assume". Which made me chuckle. She then pulled out some one pieces that still looked REALLY small and but she insist I try some on. All but one fit. I was instantly at ease and I couldn't believe it. I had just bought a swim suit in a regular-ish size from a freekin' resort gift shop. She also managed to find me a cover up sun dress and a sarong and hat. She was amazing and so kind. That experience made me realize that even though I'm still big, I'm getting to be more on the NOT SOOOO BIG side.

Our luggage arrived the first day, thankfully.

On another positive note, I managed to not gain even one pound on vacation. Praise baby Jessie, I'm not quite sure how that happened. I had lobster, jerk chicken, beef patties and a lot of red stripe. I know people really try to stay on point on vacation, but I'm just not one of those people. I don't go nuts and make myself sick, but I figure even if I gain 5 pounds, whatever. It will be gone in a couple weeks max. So you can imagine my surprise when I didn't gain ANYTHING. I credit this to daily walks on the beach, and kayaking and to seriously relaxing.


  1. Thank goodness your luggage arrived. I always get pre-travel worries because of stories like this! No flight, missing luggage!?!

    I hope you have a fabulous vacation!! I love it when things look to small fit us :D It just shows how far we've come and we must have slight body dysmorphia.

  2. I'm so glad things worked out for you. I could feel myself hyperventilating with stress just reading this. I love it when ppl end up helping you. Rock on!

  3. So glad things worked out in that store! Yes, that definitely would have sent me over the edge! That did happen to me once, actually. But i was only age 12 & not that overweight yet! If it happened now? DEFINITELY panic!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! Lucky you!
    I so know how you feel about the luggage, I go to the south of france every summer and I have this anxiety at baggage reclaim thinking...please don't loose mine - because the French are notoriously small and I'm not! Ive even thought this year will be the first in living memory I won't care as Iknow I could shop in the french hypermarkets if I absolutely had to.
    Shows how well you are doing

  5. That sounds like amaaazing fun, Katy! I'm glad they found you something comfy at the resort. =) And congrats on not gaining! That's impressive - the food sounds so good, and the hubs would be in heaven with the Red Stripe and the jerk chicken.

  6. I was so nervous reading your story, but since you weren't naked in any pics I figured the clothes were coming at some point! So glad you enjoyed your vacation! Something you definitely have to do from time to time.

  7. That is actually a really cool NSV to find a swimsuit in the regular sizes. I hoe you felt a little smug about that. Glad the rest of the trip went well and no weight gain! Bravo!