Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm off to meet the wizard

Some of you who have been with me from the beginning know that for 3 months I did the program Body for Life. I had a hard time committing to anything more than a day and here I was essentially turning myself over to healthy eating and intense work outs for 3 months. It was grueling. I woke up nearly daily @ 4:30am for the morning workouts. I pushed myself physically and mentally harder than I ever had before and I came out the other side feeling reborn. Too much? Seriously though, reborn is how I felt. I felt alive for the first time in a long time. What I thought was going to be an intense physical and mental test turned into a total mental transformation.

Bill Phillips is the creator of Body for Life and he's since gone on to start a new program called Transformation. I find the name very fitting. Every year Bill Phillips runs the Denver marathon, and this year, the day before the race, he's giving a full day inspirational seminar here in Denver. The seminar is tomorrow and I'm so excited to meet the wizard. Best part? For me, it's free! I'm a member of his online community and so me and Scott get to attend this $300+ day o' fun for F.R.E.E!
He's just plain and simple a great human being, and I can't wait to meet the man who helped me turn my life around.

I've had plenty of bad days since ending body for life. I've even had many bad weeks. But my focus, although not spot on every day, has not changed. That being of health and happiness and most of all not lying down and giving up on your life. Sometimes the progress has been so slow it's hard to even count it as progress, but I know I will reach my goals even if I have to fuck up and fall flat on my face like dread lock dude from the biggest loser.

For me, this is one of the most exciting times in Denver. The air smells different. The leaves are changing and falling and the Denver marathon (now, the Rock n' Roll Denver marathon) is fast approaching (Sunday). Scott isn't running it this year, but he has the past 2 years. We still have a few friends who are racing and I can't wait to put on my coat, grab a chai latte and cheer my heart out. It's becoming a tradition and I love it. Now, this year I'll add something new...meeting the man!

This weekend will be a great one. I can feel it in my bones. I'm totally a bill phillips groupie drinking the kool-aid


  1. That sounds like a fantastic seminar. I hope you find fun and inspiration. I love how you are going to cheer on the marathoners - very cool!

  2. mmmmm m chai tea lattes! some days its the only reason I wake up in the morning!

  3. You sound so enthusiastic about the whole thing, and that's so great, excitement over something will bring positive results.
    Sounds like a great seminar!

  4. Being reborn is an excellent description. It is exactly how I've been feeling lately. Like being blind and suddenly I can see again after many years. I hope you have a fantastic time!

  5. I love the BFL program it is was jumped started me years ago into a healthier lifestyle I too have fallen here and there but consistently turn back to his methods they work and you do feel reborn. Excited for you he seems like a great man