Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Matters

Hello, my name is Katy and I have a food documentary addiction. Actually I have a documentary addiction. I thought I may have a problem, but then it was confirmed when a couple weeks ago Scott and I watched I think we're alone now. I honestly have no words for this film. It was both disturbing and hilarious. But anywhoo, on Monday, we started to watch a film called Food Matters. We only got about 30 minutes into it because I started in on a tirade about drug companies, doctors and food marketing. Here's a snipit of my rant.

First off, politically (ahhhhh scary word) I'd classify myself as a Libertarian. I generally think that government should stay away from many things. I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist and typically I'm pretty level headed when it comes to politics. When it comes to food and health though, I sort of lose my shit. Here's why. I totally turn into a conspiracy theorist when it comes to drug companies. Part of me really feels that drug companies are wanting to keep us sick and fat. Their business is in selling drugs and sick people don't need drugs. See where I'm going? The next layer is with doctors. My doctor is fantastic. He's more than fantastic. He's the superman of doctors. But not all doc's are like this. Many doctors seem to have no interest in the actual overall health of their patients. You go in with a pain in your neck and walk out with an Rx. for pain killers. OK, you still with me? I'm going to sound like such a nut when I say this next thing...but whatever. I'll redeem myself later. I really feel like some food companies market their foods and process their foods in order for us to become addicted to them.

Let me reel you back in now.

Remember when I said I'm for limited government intervention? That's because I believe 1000% in personal responsibility and accountability. I know, I'm a total contradiction right about now. I just feel like, when the government is subsidizing shit food it's taking away our right to choose (in a way).

As far as doctors are concerned, I can see it both ways. I understand why, when it comes to health, many doctors are just simply turning to pills instead of getting rid of the root cause. I worked with a man who was very very overweight. Every month he went into his doctor and every month his doctor told him he needs to lose weight. Did he listen? nope. So when he goes in complaining about (x) that's weight related, the doctor knows he can't do much more than give him another Rx. and hope for the best. Doctors can only do so much. They can't MAKE someone healthy, but I do think that some don't promote health through nutrition and weight loss enough. What do you think?

So next there's the marketing and making food addictive. I think that this obesity epidemic needs to be solved. I don't think food or the marketing of food should be government regulated, but I also think that it becoming a grass roots effort is sort of a David and Goliath deal. How can we possibly make a change when kids are being fed (literally and figuratively) crap. Kids want sugar cereal because they see those images on TV. Kids want McDonalds because they see good ole' Ronald on the boob tube, then they get a taste for it and it's like f'in crack cocaine! Scott doesn't believe that anyone sets out to make their food addictive, it's just that people get addicted to it and then McDonalds can't make changes to their food without a public outcry. Fuck this salad, give me my big mack! That type of stuff. I get it, and I agree with him too, but it's just frustrating. I feel like we're in a constant uphill battle.

We vote with our fork with every meal, but is that enough?


  1. Hi, I found you through another weight loss blog that I read. I'm a Libertarian too. I'm also very big on personal responsibility. I do have to say that you may be onto something. Although I don't believe that food is addictive or made to be addictive, I do believe that people have become so out of touch with eating whole foods and so accustomed to the taste of GMO and processed foods, that they are ruining their health because of it. Now, that's still a choice because it isn't that difficult to eat a whole foods diet. I know because I eat a traditional, whole foods diet. I also lost 93 pounds (so far) doing so. It still all comes down to personal responsibility but part of that personal responsibility is that we need to stop the barrage of GMO foods that are invading us. Have you read the Codex Alimentarius? Look it up, there's also a group on Facebook regarding it. It's scary and so are GMO foods. I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat and I don't believe in conspiracy theories but what I'm talking about ties in very deeply with what you're suggesting.

  2. Libertarian love!! I didn't know there were three of us out there ;-)

  3. I tend to identify more as independent with a conservative slant, but I wholeheartedly agree with you here. No pun intended, but I think the proof is in the pudding. None of us little people really know what these things are that are on the ingredients list for these foods; why couldn't it be something that's a little addictive. After all, like you said, their business is money, and what better way to get people to buy your stuff? I know it sounds crazy, but I think you're onto something. :)