Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 day shred

I know I had planned it out to do a spin class last night, but I picked up the 30 day shred DVD instead and did that. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW, I already rebeled against my plan, but it was in a healthy way, not a bag of chips way.

The reason I bought the DVD is because I'm doing Syl's 30 day shred challenge, which starts tomorrow if you're interested.

So I get the DVD and there's ma' girl! I love Jillian, but I hate that ugly ankle tattoo. Who's with me? Turns out it's some sort of winged creature. The body of the winged thing is on the front of her ankle and the wings wrap around. I tell you, I've been trying to figure out that thing for years. Now I know. Thanks 30 day shred!

So I've heard that DVD is challenging, but I was sort of like pshaw, it's a DVD how hard can it be? Turns out, it's a challenge. The workout sets aren't anything super duper or new, but it's just that fact that you go from one to the other with no rest. The bad thing for me was that all the cardio exercises were jumping baised. This white girl is not a jumper. More than that though, it's like knives in my foot when I jump (because of my plantar fascitis) so I had to modify the cardio portion and Jillian yelled at me. She said "I have 400 lb people who can do jumping jacks, so can you." And I was all, NO I CAN'T JILL! and she was like yes you can! So I did one jack and it hurt really really bad, so I was like NOT HAPPENING. I think she's mad at me, but I'm not injuring my foot for someone who has a fairy tattoo. So I did what I like to call "fat jacks." I just made that up, you like it? Go ahead, use it. Fat jacks are like jumping jacks but you alternate extending each foot out to your side instead of jumping them both out at the same time.

So the 30 day shread is pretty awesome.

And speaking of bad tattoos, have you seen that tattoo removal kit they're selling at wal-mart? It totally reminds me of that SNL skit.


  1. When I started the 30DS, I couldn't do all the jumping jacks. So I marched in place. By the end, I totally could do them all - I bet you will see improvement, too!

  2. I have this DVD and I love and hate it. It kicks my ass.

  3. I just bought this DVD for Syl's challenge and haven't even opened it yet. Thanks for the tip on fat jacks - love it! ;)

  4. Just found your blog!! I am also doing the 30 day shred starting tomorrow. I haven't dne the video before, so I am a little worried. We can do this!!

  5. Dude. I totally just posted a comment and the POOF it was gone. Bastards!

    Anyway, I can't do jumping jacks for long either...it hurts my knees too badly. So I do my own version of fatjacks. :)

    Also, I've never noticed her tattoo before. Clearly I'm not concentrating on the right stuff. :)

  6. OMG! I just found your blog from @fatass and am literally LOLing at your posts. I love that you love Jillian but not her tattoo and that you talk back to her.

    I have suffered from PF but don't have it now - KNOCK ON WOOD - and agree that jumping jacks are dangerous. Even if you don't have it at the moment they can lead to it if you don't build up slowly. Fat Jacks (they were called "half jacks" in my 80's aerobics class) are a good compromise.

    If you PF is really bad you might want to look for someone (a chiropractor?) who does the "Graston Technique" which is a painful yet very effective (at least for me) treatment for PF that involves using a device (like a metal rod) to "break up" the tissue in your feet. It like getting the most painfull foot massage of your life but, like I said, it worked.