Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 6 Results-Congrats Missa S!

1) Missa S-2.49%
2) Charlie C-1.40%
3) Allison H-0.78%
4) Sue A-0.64%
5) Erin H-0.62%
6) Amanda M-0.61%
7) Anne C-0.52%
8) George T -0.40%
9) Michael J-0.28%
10) Amy L-0.26%
11) Heidi J-0.26%
12) Annie J 0.00%
13) Sarah M 0.00%
14) Jill C 0.00%
15) Katy D 0.00%
16) Cheryl M 0.17%
17) Sarah H 0.28%
18) Ginger N 0.33%
19) Matthew E 0.49%
20) Alissa 0.87%
21) Jennifer N 0.90%
22) Jenni M 1.75%

Did not weigh in

23) Lisa E
24) Kristen C
25) Jamie
26) Lizbeth
27) Sharolyn T
28) Eric B
29) Al P
30) Tricia
31) Sherri B
32) Danielle F
33) Ron B
34) Missy L
35) Ken H

Missa, you can contact Sue for your headband at

PS, it's 8:49pm and I still haven't worked you know what that means? Late night gym date. It's funny, everything in my body says stay here in bed and while everything in my body says go. I think I'll go.

As always, if I F'd up anything, please email me.


  1. Congrats Missa and everyone else!! Wow... 6 weeks in
    ....time flies!!

    Katy-What do you think about doing a update at the end of this month that gives us our standings as we head into the final month of competition? Do you have the numbers set up so that it is easy to do?

  2. Yeah, I haven't done much with this six weeks. Just kinda bounced around the same couple pounds up and down. I am GOING to see some serious loss in this next two weeks. It's about time... Congrats to everyone who is losing losing losing! :) Heidi J.

  3. You're doing such a great job keeping us up to date! :) I was wondering since next week is week 7 (that's half way isn't it?) If you could let us know what the rankings are for the whole thing so far so we can really see who are competition is. As for me my only competition is my self as I'm up a lb from the start of the whole thing *shakes head* I would just like to see how close everyone else is :)