Friday, July 23, 2010

The Shot

I'm back from my shot. I took some advice and asked my husband to go with me. He calmed me down a lot, but I was still pretty anxious and my bp was 137/87 and my heart rate was HIGH oh so HIGH, but whatever. I know that it's totally white coat syndrome and that my blood pressure is normal during every day life.

PS, my doctor is great. Seriously great. We tell everyone about him. I've had many doctors, it's not so much the doctor that makes me anxious, it's getting my blood pressure taken, because that's what spawned all this mess back in 2005.

Thanks for all the advice and support, you guys are great.

Let the healing begin


  1. Glad you love your doctor. Take care of yourself

  2. What a pain in the butt! Glad to hear it went a little better than before. Maybe try breathing exercises? I dunno!

  3. YAY! :) So glad you got it and that it will start to feel better any moment now. :)

  4. I have something for you on my blog. Stop by to pick it up!

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