Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 2 Results- Congrats Dani

1. Danielle F. 4.15%
2. Charlie C. 3.87%
3. Melissa S. 1.52%
4. Amanda M. 1.41%
5. Jennifer N. 1.33%
6. Annie J. 1.15%
7. Matthew E. 1.16%
8. Missy L. 0.99%
9. Jill C. 0.90%
10. Eric B 0.88%
11. Allison H. 0.81%
12. Amy L. 0.77%
13. Sarah H. 0.77%
14. Lizbeth N. 0.77%
15. Jenni M. 0.68%
16. Sharolyn T. 0.66%
17. Ginger N. 0.64%
18. Anne C 0.53%
19. Erin H. 0.31%
20. Cheryl M 0.17%
21. George T. 0.09%
22. Sue A. 0.06%
23. Alissa 0%
24. Katy D. 0.79%
25. Heidi J. 1.05%
26. Michael J. 1.29%

Did not count

27. Sherri B
28. Sarah M

Did not weigh in

29. Al P
30. Kristen C.
31. Ron B.
32. Jamie
33. Lisa E.
34. Tricia
35. Ken H.

FYI-If you don't get me your weight on Tuesday, it will not count. Furthermore, your weight the following week will not count because the percent will not be accurate. Essentially, it will take 2 weeks to have a current standing. I hate being a stickler, but it's just not fair to everyone else.

Congrats Dani for being this week's WINNER! You can view Dani's blog HERE and give her some blog love. Dani, contact me for your prize.


  1. Cheesus! That is amazing!

    I am still proud of mine - even though it puts me in the bottom half of the pack.

    We are on a *virtual* Biggest Loser, right? I mean, 3 and 4% loss is AMAZING to do that at home.

    Wow. I'm still in shock!

    But yes - congrats to Dani! And Charlie! And, well...everyone else!

  2. Yay for Dani! Great job. :) And yay for everyone else too!

    And on to Week 3...

  3. THANK YOU! I'm so excited!

    I was DEAD LAST in the running last week and you have no clue how much that motivated me to really knock it out this week. I was in the gym or at the local track 2x a day most days in order to redeem myself this week! So thank you for the motivation ... it really kick started my motivation and showed me that I have a determination that I'd almost forgotten existed. Back to losing ... Yay!

    Congrats to everyone this week! I look forward to doing my best to keep that spark alive. =)


  4. yay!!! these weeks are really going by fast. congrats to everyone!!