Thursday, June 17, 2010

How are you doing?

Week 1 you're full of inspiration
Week 2 you're trying to keep the scale moving in the right direction
Week 3 you're contemplating eating the whole sleeve of oreos.

Welcome to week three!

My best friend and fellow competitor Erin H. said to me a few months ago (paraphrasing here) Time is still going to pass regardless of whether or not you lose weight and stick to this. I don't know why that stood out to me so much, but I've thought about it a lot lately. I have a tendency to get caught up in the "how long" of weight loss. Thinking, ugh, 12 weeks?

12 weeks are going to pass before we know it and we'll either be feeling like blobs of melted ice cream, defeated once again as we sit and watch re-runs of cake boss (worst show ever) or we'll feel great!

We really do have the option to choose the life we want. It's amazing how physical health can completely alter mental health. This is a totally exaggerated example, but think of before and after pictures. Before you see men and women in their dirty stained undies with a sad sack look on their face. After, they're glowing and the women always have blond hair. WTF? OK, maybe not the best example, but you get the point. Happy people are blonde and tan.

The OTHER point, is that a little fitness goes a long way. I swear this spring as I was finishing up Body for Life, I noticed the flowers for the first time in Denver. I'm not kidding. I noticed the blossoms on each tree, I noticed flowers and their colors. I started to feel alive again! I know that's like the cheesiest thing ever, saying I noticed flowers, but it's true. Losing weight and accomplishing something is sort of like falling in love. The world just feels good.

So each week we have a decision to make. Are we going to wallow in self pity or are we going to buck up and change our lives? The past month for me has been rocky, but I'm done now. I resolved yesterday (at the gym with Scott) that I was going to get to 200 lbs during this competition. I've been hovering in the 220's now for a while and I'm sick of it. Sick of feeling sick!

Let's all have a collective therapeutic scream to shake off all the bad energy!

Are you ready? GO!


  1. "Losing weight and accomplishing something is sort of like falling in love. The world just feels good."

    That is SO TRUE.

    250 is my goal. 250!!! Gotta do it.

  2. Thanks, Katy! I needed this. :)

  3. I totally started week 3 contemplating a whole sleeve of oreos, but you're right the time will pass no matter what and by the end of twelve weeks I want to see the lowest weight of my adult life - 169 lbs!

  4. SCREEEEAM! You're right. It's so worth it.

  5. Hey Katy! This post is exactly what I needed to read. It actually made me tear up (that tear like BEER, not tear like BEAR). I feel empowered and hugged all at the same time. Ready to stop hovering with my current success and start heading to the next goal. Thanks sistah. :)

  6. Great post! I love what you said about week 3. I'm onto week 4-HEAD ON!!! OOh-rah!!

    No more, melty ice cream blobs for me.


  7. thank you for letting me scream!! :)

  8. Good post! Nice pep talk, I hope it helps me through my weekend!

  9. Not to create more work for you but will there be an overall leader board or just the weekly result? Oh, BTW I ate an entire Papa Johns large Works and then hike for 7 hours straight. No weight gain but now I'm crippled. Call it the Michael Phelps diet plan.

  10. man You are good! do you have a hidden camera in my house? I didn't find your blog in time to "officially join" so I am doin my own thing and followin along for inspiration...But the darn oreo bag did Jump right into my mouth and I had to eat the little buggers for that. You can't let them get away with disrespecting you that way! LOL But a better day today I will conquer week 3!!!! As my 8yr old says HOOOORAHHHH!