Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love Fest

Thank you for being so awesome. Thank you for all your genuine support and your emails. Thanks for being so funny in your comments. Thank you for your allowing me to express myself, even if it means cussing and talking about corgasms. Thanks for picking me up and *virtually* dusting the crumbs off my crumb shelf after I ate strawberry pop-tarts. Thanks for your concern after I fainted and hit my head. Thanks for thinking my cat picture was funny, but Sara had no intention of making a funny picture, she was serious, she'll cut a bitch. Thanks for reading my blog. Thank you for thanking me for hosting the VBL competition...it's my pleasure, really, and you're welcome!

Don't forget to send me your weights for this week.

Love those bloggers!



  1. Sent in this week's numbers. Let me know if I somehow screwed 'em up! =P I hope everyone did great for Week 2! Ever onward ...

  2. I love passing on love! :)

    I wish there was a way we could easily see which of your followers were in the VBL competition. You rank us in the weigh inso, but since some (most?) don't go by their name, it might be hard to find them and give them the same love.

    Any way we can do that easily?

    You have a myriad of followers so it's hard to tell who's who.

  3. You sound happy, hope you're having a great day!

  4. I will take some love, with a side of friendship!!


  5. I am so dissapointed with you and the strawberry Poptarts.

    Really? Strawberry? I'm much more of a Cinnamon and Sugar gal.


  6. Just so everyone in the VBL knows I'm putting it out there. My weight is UP this week, up almost back to starting. Oh, and so is my husband's. Had all these great intentions about eating well on vacation but two things 1) It has rained nearly every day we have been on vacation, so exercise has been a virtual impossibility and 2) Um, pretty much just decided to eat too much. So, we will not-neither of us-be winning this week by any means! Here's to getting back on the treadmill and cutting back the food as our vacation ends this week.

  7. I think I missed something...what the heck is a corgasm? I'm afraid to google it. (And doesn't "google a corgasm" just sound...wrong? lol)

    I have to say that it's an awful nice bunch of bloggers who signed up for this thing. And I guess the person who put it together is pretty great too. :p