Monday, June 14, 2010

Fosters, Australian for...

It's funny how alcohol brings out the truth in me. For the most part, I'm a quiet drunk. I don't get loud and I don't get angry or mean. I don't really get that sentimental either. Alcohol does however act as a truth serum. It's not like I drop huge truth bombs, just subtle things like, you’re not the father. Just kidding, I have no children. Children scare me. I fear I may lose my mind watching Dora the explorer and playing trains all day. But that’s another story for another day. Back to the truth.

So last Friday Scott and I went to go see Imogen Heap in concert. The Shins did not change my life like Natalie Portman said they would, but Imogen Heap? She’s life changing…for me at least. So we’re at the concert and naturally we want beer. Problem is concert alcohol is like 8 billion times more expensive than regular at home alcohol, so we did what any sane poor person would do. We drank Fosters. It’s like 3 times the beer for the price of 1.

The concert was over an hour late starting, so we had a lot of time to drink and chat before hand. It was then, that I admitted that I’d been feeling like total road kill for the past month. My workouts have sucked. My eating patterns could be likened to that of a 600lb gorilla. Wait, gorillas eat lettuce and broccoli and carrots (in the zoo of course). Never mind, gorillas have been eating better than me lately. The problem is that this way of life is feeling normal to me again. When you’re on a total health kick and feel great, then eat like shit, you notice. But when you eat like shit for 3 weeks, it begins to feel, well…not so shitty.

Damn you Fosters! You make me see the light. For realz though, it’s not like I had this great epiphany, it’s just that when you realize something and say it out loud, it has a bit more weight to it. So the truth is that I’ve been feeling really gross lately. I’m tired, my back hurts and I’m totally non-productive.

But...this week will be better. I'm going to turn it around. Promise!

More life changing songs below.

Hide & Seek
Just for Now


  1. Ah! I'm right there with you! Ever since Memorial day. And I just realized this weekend that there's a correlation between my crap eating and my crap workouts. When I eat like crap, there's no energy to have a good workout, its all sluggish and just Blah.

  2. I'm going through this too, dude. So shitty. I went from high to low and now I've been low for like 2 weeks and it sucks. How do we fix this, Caddy?

  3. This is just a blip in the picture, love. Now, you are back in focus. You know what to do, just get crackin'. Hope the concert and the Fosters was a blast!! I've been listening to NPR's podcasts from Bonaroo all weekend. They are rad... check 'em out! (loved The Gossip and Tori Amos, in particular)


  4. Missa, what is Bonaroo? I'm curious.

    Oh, my little Kitty Kat, you are just so precious and fragile right now. The first step is recognizing the problem and moving on. Don't be so hard on yourself. Stop relishing in your mistakes. You lost almost THREE pounds last week! Hello?! Seriously. That is awesome. Three pounds closer to your goal weight! Just keep telling yourself that you can be strong and you have power within you to achieve this beast of a goal. You are worth it, you deserve and you can do it! And then we celebrate by going on that shopping spree we dream about and staying at the Montelucia in Paradise Valley and getting massages! I love you, and I'm looking forward to our dream day!

  5. I love IH. Lucky you!

    You'll get back on track.

  6. I'm just jealous you got to see Imogen Heap in concert. So very jealous....*sigh*. Well, a least you see the light through your beer goggles :) You can turn it around, it'll feel good to get going again. Imogen Heap, in concert....lucky you :)

  7. Woowee! Look who has a new blog design!

    The concert sounds really great...and I'm officially jealous.

    And as far as the feeling crappy thing? Sometimes, we need to have those phases in our journey to help us remember what we're doing all this crap for anyway.

    Besides, tomorrow is Tuesday morning -which means that it's a whole new week, right?

  8. I'm thinking that you need a few drops of Fosters on a regular basis, just to keep up your honesty levels. And Imogen H - excellent.

  9. Hey Cheeky Monkey -

    I suggest 1 of 3 things:
    - Restart the diet hard. Day 1 of Forever
    - Take pictures of youself in underwear. Look at them and think "I have power" until you kick yourself in the ass and get back on board.
    - Do a search for Before/After photos and realize that you are just as good as any of them bitches.

    I got your back. Let me know if you need anything. Hugs, Kirsten

  10. I gotcha I did so well for 4 years then BOOM bad few weeks turn into a bad couple of happens so fast and not as painstaking as healthy changes :) Good job sayin' it outloud even if it took alcohol! LOL

    Word Verif: Obaci: pronounced "oh backie" in a sentence ..."obaci to the drawing board!, or "Look at the size of my OBACI!

  11. Hey, you are seeing the change you need to make. That's the first step that we all have to take...and we don't generally only have to take it once. You didn't get too far down the "wrong" path (especially since you were still losing!) so you are golden. It sounds like maybe it was more of a needed mindset shift than anything. ;)

    Here's to a kick-ass Week Three!