Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Virtual Biggest Loser Competition

Hi everyone,

Spread the word, I'm hosting a biggest loser challenge through this blog
All the details aren't ironed out just yet but here are some of things I know

-The competition will be three months long
-There will be weekly weigh ins (where you report your loss to me)
-This will be baised on % lost, not pounds lost...so we all will be equal
-There is a $10 buy in. This is both to have a cash grand prize, and so you have a
little more invested in this process. My goal is to get at least 100 people involved, so if you do the math...that's a big prize! You can either snail mail your $10 cash to me personally, or I you can use paypal. Either one is fine, just no personal checks.
-The weekly standings will be posted on my blog for all to see and compare. Your weight will not be posted, just your ranking and your weekly loss/gain.
-The competition is open to everyone and anyone who wants to lose weight. I don't have to know you, and you don't have to live in any particular area. Everything will be done virtually.

Those are the basics...just the facts ma'am. More details will be sent out and posted on the blog as they arrive. This competition is in no way affiliated with the show, The Biggest Loser, it's just a fun competition.

So, if you have any interest in joining, let me know.

Please pass this blog link far and wide. To your sister, cousin, mom, father, boyfriend, mail man, milk man (do those even exist any more?)You get the point. I want to get this as big as I can handle.

You can contact my via email. projectlookgoodnaked@gmail.com
My email is also on the side bar of my blog.


  1. Sending to becky, golda, heath, emily, jared

  2. FUN! :) I'm in - and I'll give you $10 tonight. :) YIPPEE! :)

  3. Ooh! But can there be a runner up prize or something? Or is it just one big winner (or loser as the case may be)?

  4. I have a milk man... hang around my house between 3 and 7 in the morning on a Monday and you will meet him. I have never seen him myself, so if you do meet him tell him to do a better job and stop messing up my deliveries! Next time you guys are over you can try some of the milk, it is awesome! ~Ken

  5. I think I'll do prizes along the way...not just one big grand prize. Spread the joy/wealth, right?

  6. I'm in! Where do I send the moolah?

  7. I have to tell you I LOVE the name of your blog!

  8. I'm keen - what currency is the $10 in'?

  9. Wait. It's $10 USD? NOT Monopoly Money? Forget it. I'm out.

  10. How do we ensure someone isn't fudging their stats? I wish we could count on an honor system, which may have worked were it a modest prize, but if you're talking hundreds of dollars it may attract some unscrupulous people, unfortunately.

  11. this looks like a lot of fun!! I would love to be a part. send me your paypal address and I will send money that way.

    as far as the honesty, it looks like most people are registered maybe you can have this for registered members and have them post about it on their blog. just an idea because I agree honesty is important