Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sterotyping saves time!

A while back I wrote about all the gym rats and their nicknames. You can read about it HERE

I don't know what it is, but I just can't help assigning nicknames to people. Like me with nicknames, Scott physically can not restrain himself from making up alternate lyrics to songs. He's ruined countless songs for me over the years. The latest one he ruined was Jammin' by Bob Marley.

The song goes...

We're Jammin'
I wanna Jam it wid you
We're Jammin'
And I hope you like Jammin' too

Last weekend we were driving and I had Bob playing in the background. Scott starts substituting Jammin' with Pajamas!

I'll wear pajamas for you...

I yelled out NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and took out the CD. I told him he was not going to ruin BOB MARLEY for me too!

Of course, he did though, because last night we got laughing so hard about it. I even joined in on it and together we added to the already horrible travisty.

I'll wear pajamas for you
And I hope you like jammies too

We made up a few more lyrics, but I feel the spirit of Bob looking down on me right now and He's instructed me to not ruin Jammin' for anyone else.

But I do have to tell you about another funny song. Scott didn't ruin this one for me, cause I never liked it anyways but... Remember that song that goes

Every thing you say to me
Gets me one step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break!

I think it was by Linkin Park?? It was an angry song. Scott turned into gold

Every course you bring to me
Takes me one step closer to dessert, and I would like some cake!

Back on topic though, that was quite the tangent! We've added 3 new people to our "cast of characters" at the gym.

1)Lionel Richie. The guy is the spitting image of lionel circa..."Hello, is it me you're looking for." He even has the jerry curl mullet, gold hoop earing and black cotton hammer pants. Some day I'm going to get the courrage to ask him for a picture, because HELLO, he's got to know he looks just like Lionel!

2)The Rugby Twins. These guys are short and stout! Not unlike a teacup. They are maybe 5'7" and built like... well Rugby twins! I'm not sure if they're twinkies, but they are at least brothers. They got their nickname after only seeing them a few times, but then about a month ago they both came in wearing matching USA Rugby shirts! I was so proud of my accurate sterotype!

Sterotyping saves time! Of course I'm kidding... but not when it comes to the Rugby twinkies!

This made me think... we've been at that gym 6 days a week for the past 3 months. You KNOW people recognize us. I wonder if we have a nickname?


  1. fav things about this post...your use of the word twinkies, "stereotypes save time" and comparing rugby twins to teacups.

  2. First of all, I will forever sing it as Pajamas now.

    I wonder if that Lionel dude is getting in shape to start dancing on the ceiling??? Either way, I would like to meet

    P.S. I love your sterotypes...AND your blog! <3

  3. New follower, lovin your blog!