Monday, May 24, 2010

My first Blog Award!

I got an award! Me? What? You like me? Awhhhhhh.

The award came from the lovely Ms. Smaller Fun pants

When you receive this award you're supposed to pass it along to 7 other bloggers. Problem is many people already have this award, so I'll do my best.

1) Tricia over at Fight Fat Phobia
gets the first award. She was the first person I thought of giving it to because she is beautiful, has the cutest voice, is HILARIOUS, sarcastic, swears a lot, talks about real stuff, and has been known to quote Zoolander. I mean, seriously what more can you want in a girl? I love her blog and if you haven't had the pleasure of reading her blog, then scurry your chunky butt over to her place on the web. I promise you won't regret it...unless you're easily offended by the F word, then probably stay away. But that's just one of the many reasons I find her funny...and beautiful. She let's it all hang out and I love her for it.

2)Lesia from Here we go, hold on tight She's a fairly new blogger who's going through a bit of a rough patch right now. Beautiful to me because she's fighting her way through weight loss with a the whole deck of cards stacked against her. She's already lost a bunch of weight while dealing with MS and other health issues. She also has plantar fascists, like me and we both know the HORROR of that pain. It's not easy, but she's doing it...with a cheerful smile and glitter graphics to boot! Lesia, I hope things look up soon!

3)Kellie from The Chubby Girl Diaries She's beautiful to me because she talks about the real issues surrounding losing weight. Not ALL the time, but enough to keep me coming back. She talks about the WHY, not just the "how do I lose this weight" and I really like that. I appreciate her honesty and I love her blog layout. It's very WOW professional looking :)

4)Lindsay at Healthy Stride is WORKIN' IT OUT!! She's a total weight loss inspiration in every way! Check out her blog and read about she has lost 100lbs through some serious hard work. Plus, she's seriously beautiful, like as in, really pretty.

5)Becca from Imma Point Countin' has a great Weight Watchers blog. Plus she's cute, has pretty eyes, and leaves great comments! Check her out.

6) The next award goes to Fatty Blogsticks who is an excellent writer and makes me laugh. I've just recently found her blog, but I'm sure glad I did. Did I mention she's funny? She does her own drawings too and I think that's awesome! Now I've got to get the story behind her blog name. Every time I see it, it reminds me of that scene in Wedding Crashers where Vince Vaughn and the gay artist brother are in bed and he's talking about playing "tummy sticks."

Up Next...7 things you didn't know about me.


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me. The MRI showed I have a fracture in my heel too. I am back on the exercise bike with my boot strapped in place. I know that this is just a small bump in the road but I am NOT about to let it get the best of me. Yes it hurts but what good thing doesn't? Like family, life, relationships, dieting, health issues, etc... I try not to focus on the negative and plow through the positive! Thanks again sweetie!

  2. Awww thanks for the award and lovely comments!