Friday, May 21, 2010

Things you should know-Virtual Biggest Loser Competition

Here are the things you should know, you should know, here are the things you should know. (Sing that in whatever tune you prefer)

1)At this point EVERYONE interested should have been contacted by me via paypal, or email (or both) on how to submit payment. If someone has slipped through the cracks, let me know by emailing me directly. If you have not received a payment request, please check your junk mail :) Pesky Paypal!

2)For all others who are interested in participating but have not yet let me know, I'll only be accepting your $10 payment via paypal. It's just the easiest for me to track and I don't want my address floating around out there.

3)There are people who are participating from various venues. Some I know personally, some I don't, and many are coming here through the blog world. To make things as consistent as possible, I'll only be communicating through my blog email (find it on my side bar) and through this blog (in blog post form, like this one.) It keeps everyone informed and saves me from embarrassingly repeating myself.

4)Some have had concerns about people cheating. I get your concern, and I hear you and I validate you and if I could I'd stroke your back and braid your hair. I have those concerns too, but...there's not a ton we can do about it. For the most part this competition is on the honor system. I think all of us here have a genuine desire to lose weight. We're all just looking for that extra umph to shove us back into the right direction. I sincerely hope everyone competing is doing so to "look good naked" and not to try and win $. Cause seriously there are WAYYYYY easier ways to make 50 bucks. To try and combat the urge to cheat, I've come up with a couple BULLET proof tricks! OK, so their not even close to bullet proof, but it's all I'm willing to do because I don't want to play hall monitor, I want to concentrate on losing weight just like you. Here are the things I'm going to do.
1)Please send a "before picture" along with your starting weight. Email this to me when I ask everyone for their starting stats. I'll let you know when to send them over.
2)The last two weeks of competition, I'll refrain from posting the weekly stats. I'll still be in communication (don't worry, I'll feed you baby birds) you just won't know what place you're in until the FINAL weigh in. I'm hoping this will just encourage all of you to do that one last final push without that little devil on your shoulder telling you to fudge your numbers just a little so you can beat the person ahead of you.

Now before you get all panicky, know this. Your pictures will not be posted on the blog. Unless you give me permission to post them (when you win) and want to show off. Also, I realize that some people don't look THAT different even if they lose 30-40 lbs. I get that, I really do. I'm not going to call you out unless it's very obvious you're fudging your saying you lost 70 lbs and you look absolutely NO different. But honestly, I don't think we'll have to worry about that.

OK, I think that's it for now. Until then...continue spreading the word and getting your payments to me. We are starting June 1st.

Over and Out



  1. Hi Katy -
    One idea from another competition is taking pictures of your feet on the scale on day 1 and at the end.

    This sounds like a really fun idea! I'll be contacting you soon!

  2. I sang it to the tune of these are the daves I know.

    Just so you know.

  3. Katy, great idea! How many people are participating so far?