Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've lost 60 pounds! SYKE! (woah, blast from 1986)

I've got 60 followers?!?

I seriously never thought anyone would find my blog, let alone care about what I had to say...let alone follow the blog! But, you found me, and you followed me and you comment and that makes me feel speeeeeecial!

Thanks Ya'll. Really, you all make losing weight as fun as it can possibly be and you inspire me to write about things like Corgasms! So, there's that!

PS- I still have not received payments from a lot of you who said you were interested in the VIRTUAL BIGGEST LOSER competition. We start June 1st and I'll need your $10 for you to be entered. We have about 30 people who have said they want in, but only about 1/3 have sent payment, just as an FYI. If you have not received my paypal info, let me know! I've sent it to everyone, so it may be in your junk mail.

Email me if you're having problems.

Thanks again to all my new blog friends, you're like totally rad.


  1. Now that you have 60 followers and write about COREGASMS, what can we do about having 60 COREGASMS?

  2. Holy crap girl! 60 is a fantastic number for you!. When I grow up I want to be just like you! smile.

  3. Ok, new to the blog. You have to help me out. WTF is a coregasm?? And can I have multiples please? BTW, I just added you to my blogroll. Celebrity status here you come. WOOT!

  4. You have the Sunshine Award on my blog come get it!

  5. Um,

    Also lost on corgasm...have I had an unfulfilled life and totally didn't know it until now?


  6. WAY TO GO! :) I'm so happy for you...and can't wait to read more of what you like to write. :)

  7. Did you change the colour of your blog or is it just me? Anywho congrats on 60!! (hopefully I can say that about lbs lost soon!)

  8. Yay for 60lbs!!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  9. I am sending the payment this week! Sorry, I am a procrastinator to the worst degree! Congrats on the 60! I'm in love with this blog. A passionate affair.