Monday, April 26, 2010

Spilling the Beans

Wanna know what kind of trial I was on? Huh? Wanna know? Ok....Attempted Murder. No shit! Told you it was intense.

The guy was tried for 1)Menacing 2)Assault with a deadly weapon and 3)Attempted murder in the 1st degree. I totally feel like I'm on CSI. We found him guilty for the first 2 and not-guilty for attempted murder. The main reason we found him not guilty though was that it was attempted murder (in the 1st degree) which says it has to be pre meditated, and this case was clearly not well thought out. If it was second degree I would have definitely said guilty. Technicalities...that's a BIG f-ing technicality that the D.A. totally messed up on.

It was Professor Plum, with the lead pipe in the ballroom!

This was serious bidness. My heart was thumping when we read the verdict. It was just how they do it on TV. We read not-guilty and the defendant's mother gasped and threw her hands to Jesus. (insert eye-roll here). He totally WAS guilty though, we just couldn't convict him which really pisses me off. He'll still get at least 7-10 years in prison, which is hard, but I have strong feelings about our prison system and think in many ways he'll be worse off when he gets out. I'm glad he's getting thrown in the slammer, but I don't think it's the best thing for him.

It was a great experience overall though. I'm so glad I'm a young professional woman, because clearly that's what they were looking for. The jury was 10 young women aged mid twenties, early thirties and only two guys. Still young. One guy was maybe 24 and the other 30-32. The jury selection was racism and prejudice at it's finest, although they'd swear it had nothing to do with race/gender/appearance it totally did.

I have a new found faith in our judicial system and at the same time my trust in the Denver PD shot way WAY down.

So that's all, except that's not even touching the surface!

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