Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Serving my Civic Duty

I have wanted to get called to serve on a jury since I was 18. I even get summoned to appear almost every year. I've never gotten past the night before phone call...until today. Not only was I called to appear, but I got selected. I think not ever being called has totally been made up for because the jury I got selected for...OMG! Serious people!!

The trial is scheduled to last 3-4 days and that is just music to my ears. The court house is beautiful. The architecture, travertine walls, 100 year old walnut benches, the lights, celings, everything is stunning. Tomorrow I'm going to ask if I can bring my camera and photograph the inside. Hope they say yes, cause it's a photographers dream. The room is just what you'd expect out of a movie. Leather swing back arm chairs with copper nail head trim, um hello lover!

I know not many people get excited about being a juror, but I don't get why. It's such an amazing experience.

That's all for today.


  1. I've always wanted to do jury duty! hahaha BUT I have no idea why I've never been summoned! lol Oh well, have fun!

  2. Three years ago, I got a card that said that I might be needed...but when I called, my number wasn't the ones that was *really* needed.

    So basically, I've never been.

    But my ex went through the whole jury selection process and then got passed over anyway...he said he felt rejected even though he didn't want to serve on the jury.

    I get that.

  3. so excited for you. are you really going to ask if you can take pics? maybe save that for another day...when you're not sitting on a jury :) lol. love you.

    i'm with you. i've always wanted to be picked. i used to get my summons and laminate my little juror badge and then just sit patiently on the phone while they listed off group names only to be told I don't even have to show up! these last two times i've received a summons though, the timing has sucked...7 mos preg and then 8 mos preg...same pregnancy. no gracias!

    have fun :)

  4. I disagree with Lindsay. You should totally ask if you can bring your camera! They'll prob say no, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Maybe you can get a pit of you with the judge, plaintiff and defendant! hahaha! jk. That will never happen, but that would be the best picture.