Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's talk about pain ba-by, let's talk about you and me

Plantar Fasciitis. Ever heard of it? Think it sounds like some sort of wart foot fungus? Me too.

Let me describe to you what it feels like with some spontaneous poetry.

Can I get a beat?

Foot pain
Foot fucking pain
you're like a dead fish hidden somewhere under the crawl space of my house
rotting away
day after day
How do I get rid of you?

Like a ninja, you creep up on me in the night
Only to reappear in the morning when I take my first steps and feel the equivalent of natural child birth located directly in my right heal.
Limping, limping, limping, limping.
I hate you
I loathe you

I've tried treating you tenderly
bringing you flowers
taking you out to fancy dinners
but nothing, nothing seems to make you stop causing me pain

I'm not sure if you know this, dearest heal fucking pain
but I'm not into abusive relationships anymore
Sure I've had a few, but those days are over now
and you need to move on.
I need to move on

Let's not get counseling
let's not try to work this out
Let's just cut our losses and move onward.

The End

Do you like it?

Seriously though, does anyone have this? Does anyone know the agony? Here's what I've tried

Night splint
Cortisone shot
Waling cast boot
stretching a lot
icing with a legit wall-greens icing velcro thing

Still... every day I feel like I just got beat in the heal with a baseball bat. I know I can be a pain wimp and I know I can exaggerate, but this is not one of those times.

I do like to complain though, so this is why I'm telling you. A friend had this and it took him 18 months of intense stretching and icing to get rid of it. His advice "stretch the fuck out of it, then ice the fuck out of it every day." I like him cause he drops the F bomb almost as much as me.

My doctor had it too and it took him 18 months as well! He iced it and stretched it too, but he didn't say the F word.


  1. I had that in high school when I was playing soccer... it sucks!!! It actually look me the best part of 2 years to get rid of the pain but that is because I wasn't very good about icing and stretching. Rolling your foot on a tennis ball feels really good. Also, rolling your food back and forth on a frozen water bottle.

  2. Oh, definitely been there done that. I did eventually get rid of it. I would stretch every morning before getting out of bed, every night before going to sleep and as many times as I could remember during the day. I think rest is what eventually healed it...not great news when you are trying to lose weight. Ugh.

    would love to have you come check out my blog. Chronicling two overweight friends efforts to lose weight.

    Kelli from

  3. PF sucks. I have too many patients with it. I will assume that along with all the things you've tried you've had someone check your hips and knees out, check your overall flexibility, check your shoes, and you still continue to massage/stretch it daily.

    I hope it gets better soon. Ice is your friend, even when you want to drop kick it across the room.

  4. OMG~ I just stumbled on your blog. You would not believe me if I told you this but I have MS and I just got home 20 minutes prior to reading this from the Neurologist. He told me that the pain I was having in my heel may not be the MS. So he told me to go see a Foot surgeon ASAP. Long story and you can read more about my foot pain on my blog. But anyway, I have been having SO much pain for weeks now that I can't even walk anymore on my right foot. I started HEAVY exercising a few weeks ago and have been walking now for about 8 months after being in a wheel chair for 14 years. I have not wore shoes for 20 years cause was not walking and had no need to. I have just lost 45 pounds on WW and have changed my diet and lifestyle. Reading your blog and then goggling the condition, I think I found my problem. I have a question do you have electrical shooting pain going up your leg from your heel all the way to your growing? I do its like a small electricity shock. Can we communicate more about our foot pain. I would love to hear more about what has worked for you? My blog is I hope and pray its not my MS and that there is a cure for what els me. thank you for your blog...

  5. It's looks like you're screwed for the next few months according to the above comments. I've never hurt my heal that badly, I remember a time when it did hurt, and it lasted for a long time and wouldn't go away. I don't think I did anything special.. except work through it, and hope it went away. It did. But honestly, I don't recall thinking it was..

    "Only to reappear in the morning when I take my first steps and feel the equivalent of natural child birth located directly in my right heal."

    Heh, very fucking poetic though. ~winks~

  6. Rolling on a tennis ball helps and getting good insoles. I juse dropped 580 dollars on insoles supposed to help cure this. All foot pain stopped with in 2 days of wearing these insoles. I got them through a store called Good Feet. They only sell these insoles.

  7. Dude. Nothing about that sounds like fun.

    Except for the song. But now I'm just being silly.

    I have this pain (although VERY sligh compared to what you're talking about) on the mornings after I have a long run. It goes away within the first few minutes of walking around and most mornings I don't have truthfully I didn't know that I had it until I read the description.

    Booo. :(