Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips-Part 1

No one has asked for this advice. No one has emailed me and been like, Katy what's your secret? Sometimes people ask me about hair advice, but that's about it. Regardless, I love giving advice, yes I do. Unsolicited? Even better! Hooray!

Here are some random tips.

1)Create a real honest to goodness support system
What does this even mean? Well it means first getting very honest with yourself. Tell everyone you know about your desire to lose weight. Tell them why you want to lose weight. Tell them you hate how your thighs rub together. That usually endears the people closest to you and says "danger, nut-job" to the people who aren't going to help you anyways. Tell them your plan, then tell them again and again and again. Tell your doctor. I recommend making an appointment to actually sit and talk with him/her v.s. going in and sitting in a paper robe that is just inches from exposing your nipples. I tend to feel slightly on edge in those situations.

2) Use lots of Paul Mitchell mouse and let it air dry. Don't fuss with it too much until it's almost dry, then fluff it up at the roots for volume. I don't diffuse. I definitely don't flip my head over, that's just asking for trouble. Work with what you've got. That was curly hair advise. I never said this was just weight loss advise.

3) Find a counselor you like and trust with your inner twinkie demons.
I wouldn't say this is a must have, but it's been such a help for me, I couldn't not put it in the list. I mean, do you really think you weigh 220, 250, 375 lbs because you just really like to eat? Eh, I'm not buyin' it. You may THINK this is the reason, but I assure you it's not. Sure, I freekin' LOVE oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and fried chicken, but so does my husband and he's not overweight in the slightest. See the disconnect? Seeking counseling isn't easy. It's not easy to do, it's not easy to talk about, it's not easy to tell people about, it costs a lot of money, and it's totally 100% worth it.

4) Cute workout clothes
90% of my workout clothes are from Target. Hell, half my closet and paycheck go to Target. My advise is occasionally splurge on some fancy workout duds. I love the Lucy store. They make great stretchy pants. They are on the pricey side, but I think you workout a bit harder when you look good. So at least invest in a couple cute workout outfits and throw away that dingy dirty ole rag of a t-shirt. When you look better, you feel better and when you feel better you do better. Trust me, I can justify spending money like it was my profession!

5)Know your limits
Speaking of spending money... the other half our money goes mainly to Whole Foods. We usually get to the gym between 6-7pm. Sometimes this puts us getting done working out at 8:00. The last think I want to do or think about is making dinner. So I've decided I just won't. *GASP*. I know some of you think I'm breaking the cardinal rule of weight loss... no eating out, but trust me, it can be done. And who says we have to make our own dinners anyway? Not I. I struggled with this one on a moral level. Then I said, who cares if we eat dinner at Whole Foods or Mad Greens every week day night? Not me! So we buy very little food for the week to keep at home. Mostly just yogurt, bircher meusli, protein bars and tuna. We don't do a weekly traditional shopping trip so we don't feel guilty about buying food and having it go bad. I'm putting this as a tip, because maybe you want to try it for a week. I give you permission to stop cooking and start working out. It's liberating.


  1. Love your tips. What exactly is Whole Foods? Is it a restruant?

  2. YAY for the curly hair advice! Thank you! (Now if I'll actually listen to it!)

    Hair dryers are evil for curly haired people IMHO!