Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Volcano is back!

Yesterday I had my moment. I was feeling blah and yuck and tired and sluggish and part of my brain said "go ahead, lie down, eat a cookie." It took me until about 2:00to say NO BRAIN, don't sabotoge me! I will not lie down, I will not eat a cookie even though I feel like my very existence sometimes runs on chocolate chips. No Cookie, BAD cookie!

Instead I unpacked the majority of the boxed up stuff in the kitchen. I love how I'm so organized about packing until the last minute when I just throw every random thing left into one box. It makes total sense to have clorox soft scrub in the same box as a jewlery box and tampons right? It makes unpacking about a million times harder when everything is just thrown in all willy nilly, but nevertheless, I unpacked still. I felt my mood lift with every box I tackeled. I even put on some Seal and jammed out to Crazy. I love Seal. (But that's neither here nor there)

I was feeling good...almost like my funk was a distant memory. Scott got home and we went to the gym and busted our almost buns of steel. We did different workouts for each muscle group this time. We're trying to put out bodies into total muscle confusion (I totally sound like the P90x guy saying "muscle confusion" but whatever)
We did the assisted pull up's and I'm kinda shy about that. Why you ask? Well if you're familiar at ALL with the assist part, you have to choose a weight to assist you. Does that make sense? OK, here's a better reference. If you weigh 150 and you set the weight to 100, you'd pull up the remaining 50 lbs. Problem is when you already have it set to 180, then 190 and so on and so forth I just think it's telling everyone HEY I WEIGH MORE THAN 190, more than 200. I know no one really cares, but it's sort of embarassing.

After our gut busting workout we came home and I made home made turkey burgers. They were so good and simple. Ground turkey, half a chopped onion, lots of pepper, and one egg. Cooked in a pan on the stove top and topped with sliced avocado and a little bit of garlic salt. MMMMMM, I'm making 2 more tonight with the remainder of turkey.

Today started @ 4:30 for our cardio workout and I feel like I'm cookin' with gas again. The Volcano is back. Week 6 is fast aproaching! WOW.

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  1. Good girl. Reading about your evolution is very special. I admire you having the guts to keep going and to share it with the world. Keep going sister!!!