Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too Dramatic?

Think my last post was too dramatic? You know, with all the talk of Scott saying that he feared me not lasting the long haul.

Well a fellow weight loss blogger died yesterday of a Heart Attack. She was 33.

If that doesn't shock you into the reality of being obese, than nothing will.

I feel so sorry for her two boys and husband of 10 years.


  1. That is so sad....and only 33 years old...I hate to hear stories like that...but, that is something for everyone to take heed, and start now....we can't last forever, but we can make the effort to take care of our bodies through healthy food choices and exercise. May she rest in peace....breaks your heart for the loved ones she leaves behind...

  2. She is a great example to us all. She got a heart condition that could happen to any of us. There is no doubt that her weight compounded the symptoms and made it much harder to control. In absence of her weight, she had a much higher survival rate and should have recovered. It is so unfair. Cheers to Bethany. Cheers to celebrating her life. Cheers for the wake-up call she leaves all of us.