Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This just in...

I just got an email from the marketing director of Mad Greens. They want to put my weight loss story on their website!

How cool huh?

And to top it off, they're sending me a gift card so I can continue to eat there. We eat at Mad greens at least a couple times a week. Infact we went there last night. It's the best salad place ever, and the only place in Denver we feel comfortable eating at during our quest to look good naked.

This is so awesome to me because more than anything, a little recognition goes a long way. You spend day after day waking up early, busting ass in the gym and eating chicken breasts, that for someone to say, good job we like you, makes me just want to keep on truckin' hard!

Thanks Mad Greens!


Oh, and PS... I did another blood pressure check for shits and giggles and guess what? 113/71 with a heart rate of 63. Word to ya mother!


  1. this is so great. nothing like some amazing recognition to get you even more motivated than you've already been! as always, proud of you!

  2. That is awesome! Keep up the good work! This could be the nudge to kick start your freelance writing...

  3. Wow....wow...wow, on all fronts, on the working out, busting your butt, getting up early, wonderful writing (yes, I think you should seriously be a writer, and get paid for it- you have missed your calling in life),and blood pressure...woot! woot!, and now mad greens...what more could a girl want! Keep doing what you are doing...it is paying off in more ways than you could imagine...

  4. You totally deserve this!! You have an amazing gift with writing and I love how candid & honest you are with this whole journey you are on. CONGRATS!!!

  5. That is AWESOME! Whoot whoot to Mad Greens, the low blood pressure and heart rate! That is awesome!