Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Body for Life day 24

My first Whoops!

I hesitate to even share this with...ANYONE, but for the integrity of this blog, and to just move past it, I must confess children. Here we go.

I had a not so great couple of days. I'm not the best meal planner, which when you're doing body for life is not a good thing. You don't have to pre plan everything, but you really need to make sure you have good food in the house. If you're me, you need a good variety of food in the house. Lunch on Monday was...a SANDWICH from Subway. You say, pshaw! No big deal, which in itself isn't a HUGE deal, but then I had chips and a sprite and...AND 3 cookies. I know, I know, please don't scold me, I've done enough myself. I felt like shit afterwards. Both physically, because I ate way way too much and mentally because I felt the old me want to creep in and take over. I felt like I was in mourning the whole day and my workout that evening suffered because of it.

The next day I started off with a GREAT cardio workout. As I was on my way into work I hit the largest pothole known to the greater Denver area. Seriously this thing was about a 3 foot wide circle by about a foot deep! IT WAS ENORMOUS! I couldn't avoid it and BANG I went right over it. About 2 seconds later my right front tire was dead. I pulled over and called "AAA" aka "Scott, my husband" and he said he would be there as soon as he could, but that meant about 30 minutes. I decided to take action and try to play the helpless girl role by starting to actually take the tire out of the trunk, get everything ready etc... hoping someone would stop. No one did. The small industrial street I was on didn't help because I think about 5 cars passed the whole time and plus it was like 6:30am. I won't bore you with the whole story, but the whole thing didn't go very smooth and it took about 2.5 hrs to get the thing settled. After I was done and on my way in to work I decided I needed a cup of coffee, so I stopped at Starbucks and whatta know... a McCrappy's was right next door. I got a McMuffin. 2 days in a row I slipped up! 2 days!!

I am such an emotional eater. I get a flat tire and I suddenly think I can make it all better by eating crap food?!? I mean, I'm a smart girl and I know this doesn't solve anything. Talk about adding insult to injury! This has been SUCH a habit for me for a LONG L.O.N.G time. I know I can't expect it to be totally solved, but it is hard for me to admit I did this.

I went from dreams of me lifting trucks with my sheer strength, back to a chunky girl eating her egg mc muffin. This weight loss thing isn't for the birds!

I will not let this happen again. Enough bad self talk. Day 24 has started well and it will end well and I will have a loss for this week!

When I was younger my first crush was a boy named Spencer. He was tall and a red head. In second grade my crush was Kenny. He tormented me, chased me and he was a red head. In 5th grade there was another red head. Now there's Ronald and Wendy...both red heads.

Go to Hell you Gingers!


  1. i think i just peed myself with the ginger comment. dying.

    i think it's good that you had a slip up, now you know that they both made you feel physically lousy and you are starting up again with a better mindset. anyone who says they never, ever have one of those slip ups is a BFL-big fat liar. :) hehe. do you see what I did there?

  2. Whoa! You just made a crazy turn with that ending there... Love the ginger comment. Slip ups make you stronger because you know you will recover and your slip ups will be further between. Good for you for exposing yourself. I just love your accountability.. something more people should do more often.