Sunday, February 28, 2010

Body for Life day 21

I can't believe today marks 3 weeks. Really, I can't believe it. For some 3 weeks may seem like nothing but for a full on food addict it's nothing short of amazing. It's like the switch finally went off in my head and I decided I was going to do it. Even though I love Body for Life, I don't really credit it that much with the success I've had so far. Anyone can lose weight on virtually any program, it's just a matter of actually doing it. Holding myself accountable and being very truthful is something very new to me. Which is why I can hardly believe it's happening.

I'm having dreams regularly about the new fit and thin me, it's strange. In the dreams I'm crossing my legs like a LADY, haha. I can cross my legs now, but for anyone carrying extra weight in the mid-section and legs you know it's not the most dainty thing. In my dreams I can cross my legs with ease. Something thin people take for granted. I've also had a very realistic pot smoking dream too, which is even stranger since I can count on one hand the number of times I've been high. In my dream it was like pot was my life blood. I was so high and it was fucking awesome. Then I woke up and was like, what the hell was that? What else was I going to talk about???..... I remember having something profound to say. Maybe it will come back to me. Anyways, moving on.

Today I did the "Fight for Air Climb" which benefits the American Lung Assoc. It is officially the higest stair climb in the US. Not with the actual floor numbers, but with the floors climbed and the total altitude. Either way, it was HARD. 56 floors total and I did it in 23.07. I'm SO PROUD of that time considering there are many many people who finish in the 40's with some even clocking in at over an hour! I stopped 2 times about 3 seconds each, which was stupid and more mental than physical. It's not like ANY recovery can take place in 3 seconds. When we got to the top I seriously thought my lungs were bleeding. The most painful part was the burning lungs. The stairwell was so well ventaled that it must have been about 40 degrees in there. The combo of heavy breathing and cold air makes for some not so pleasant lung sensations.

So now for the stats. As all of you know this week the scale has not been so kind. However, this morning I was down 0.2. It's a LOSS and I'll take it. Especially since that 0.2 makes my total loss so far 7 lbs instead of a pesky 6.8. Now I can officially say 7.

I still can remember the earth shattering stuff I was going to say...Must be the pot dream.


  1. I had to comment because the leg crossing this is so close to home for me. I cross my legs like a man! I can not wait for it to be easy, and not thought of or worried about. I'm near 3 weeks in this journey too! Congrats on all your hard work so far.

  2. way to go kate! the stairs are amazing!

  3. Congratulations on the 3 week milestone! And wow, extra congrats on the stair climb. It sounds hard! You should be proud. (Thanks for sharing your dreams too...funny!)