Thursday, February 25, 2010


For my 2 week reward I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I normally don't get manicures because once the polish chips even a little bit I feel my OCD kick in and I must remove it immediately. This time though, I felt like I deserved one.

I went to a fancy nail salon in Cherry Creek and after my experience on Tuesday, it's the only place I'll go now. Here's why.... a man named Oggie, or Augie, or Ougi. He was magic. Worth every penny.

I love it when the nail people are so careful with your foot and leg placement. I want someone to gingerly place my delicate foot in the water, not hastely tap my foot as if to say get your f-ing foot back in the tub. I want to be like, look lady, use your words ok? Normally I'm not to keen on male pedicurists or what ever they are called, because they can be too rough. Not my dear Augie. He had the softest hands and gave the worlds best foot and leg massage ever. Sometimes they rub you down so damn hard I want to scream. Then for the foot scrub part they had a pool noodle cut down so you could rest your calf on it instead of holding your foot 3 feet in the air. He used great lotions, and even hot stones! I swear when I watch someone be really meticulous and focused it calms me down. Sort of like the cow shoot presser thing for autistic people. Temple Grandin shout out. PS-I do the best impression of Temple. I've decided I'm going to be her for Halloween. I love her.

Next I had the manicure which for me usually isn't very relaxing. Until now! Get this. After he was done with the manicure and my nails were drying he gave me a neck, shoulder back and scalp massage! He even pulled my hair during the scalp massage which made me want to giggle and then propose to him. I didnt, but I assured him I'd be back.

Oh, I'll be back!


  1. love. i'm glad you and oogi had such a special day.

  2. congrats! it looks like your hard work is paying off. i enjoy your blogs. you're a very good and entertaining writer. i laughed out loud at the part when talked about those asians who tap your leg as if they're saying to "get your effing foot back into the water." i am always so relaxed at that point and then they startle me like that! too funny. keep up the good work!

  3. Good idea with rewarding yourself!!! Hmm....I should think of something to reward myself with too!

    Temple Grandin is the pimp! I love that movie now. "They killed three cattle, because of their stupidity!!!"