Friday, February 26, 2010

Body for Life day 19

Finally rounding the corner of week three... FINALLY! This week has been tough mentally and physically.

Basacally I was a sleep deprived, sugar detoxed, physically exhausted bitch. I sound so awesome to be around right now, huh? I dragged through nearly all of my workouts with the exception of yesterday and the stair climb. I was just a crankpot (husband's words, not mine)He also calls me the crankmeister or Cranky Kat. Good thing he has a sense of humor about it because I sure didn't. The scale hasn't budged this week. At least not so far. My official weigh in will be Sunday morning, but it's not looking like I'll lose anything this week which is super frustrating.

A fellow BFL blogger posted a link to BFL stories this morning and it totally lifted my spirits. There were countless stories about women not seeing super amazing physical results at first, but then around week 8-9 their bodies transformed almost over night. Also lots of stuff about losing fat and gaining muscle and how that really shows no move on the scale etc...

I have been feeling some physical changes lately. Mostly that I feel I could lift a freekin' truck! I feel so strong it makes me want to enter some sort of crazy contest involving flipping tires and pulling boats with my teeth. I've always had strong legs, but I'm nearly lifting the whole stack when we do quads! The stack goes up to 170 and I'm lifting 150. These are the seated leg extentions. On the leg press where you press the platform out I can easily do 275. I told you...I'll flip a mutha fuckin' truck! Watch out. This...only after 3 weeks. So because I've fealt noticable differences I decided to measure my waist. I've lost 2 inches from my pregnant sandwich belly already! Now instead of looking like I'm 6 months pregnant, I only look like I'm 5. Yea for me!

So regardless of the scale, there are changes happening! It's exciting to push my limits both mentally and physically.


  1. Hi there, first visit to your blog. I tried doing BFL a few years ago, but kind of caved in at Christmas time. I still eat the 5-6 meals a day that they recommend and it has worked well for me.

    If you don't mind a bit of advice from a newcomer to your blog, one thing I didn't like about BFL was that it didn't emphasize the importance of stretching after your workouts. You may already do this, but if you don't, it is a surefire way to prevent injury and aid recovery after the tough workouts. (I am a massage therapist and this is something that I always recommend!)

    Good luck with the 12 weeks!

  2. Hey sis. I thought about you blog a lot yesterday after I read all the entries. I really admire your discipline to stick with it. I have personally found that the beginning of getting healthy is the hardest but once I started eating better and working out it became more like a lifestyle than a means for losing weight/changing my body. I am really proud of you for making these changes. Fuck what that stupid scale says anyway (I refuse to own one because I think it's bad for my self image to see a number and make it mean anything). Listen to how your body feels and to how you clothes fit.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Stick with it. Even though you might not see a lot of weightloss at the end of Week 3, you will see results soon enough. Remember how on the Biggest Loser they always talk about how Weeks 2 & 3 aren't big-number weeks. But look how good they look by the end of the finale! I love you, and you're doing an awesome job.

  4. My first visit to your blog....
    I really like that you aren't just depending on the scale. I have been stuck for 4 weeks now, scale hasn't budged, but I've lost 5 inches. I say screw the scale and keep up with measurements monthly and listen to your clothes and body!

    You are doing awesome! Keep it up! :)

    Journey to a New Me

  5. Of course I'm biased, but Katy is just the funniest person I know. Witty, self-deprecating and just an all around great lady!
    Hang in there baby and let's celebrate your daily victories when you visit in March!!!! xxxooo mama

  6. You are giving me hope!! I am just finishing up the 1st week. Well, minus my free day, which is tomorrow. I can't wait to weigh in and see when happened this week.

    Keep up the great work. We can do it!!

  7. I really enjoy the sense of humor you bring to your writing. I actually laughed out loud when I read your tire flipping comment!

    ps-I am glad you liked the BFL stories. I am glad they helped.