Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facing the music

First-Thank you all so much for your support. Yesterday was a down day for me and you made me feel better.

So, my usual weigh in day for WW is Monday. I couldn't go this monday because I was busy getting the second round of a root canal done. Woh Woh! So then, I was gonna go Tuesday, and I didn't because I feel like I've gained and I don't want to face that. I don't KNOW if I've gained because i got rid of my scale. I'm totally flying blind here people! It's a good thing because I really am accountable in terms of ONLY weighing in at WW, but it's also very nerve wracking.

I'm going to just face the music tomorrow. I'll go and weigh in and hope for the best. If I've gained, then I've gained. I suppose I should stop living in this denial. (If I don't go weigh in, that means I haven't really gained?) ha! Yea right.

It's the same denial that got me in this place to begin with.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I always hate going for a weigh in when I know I've had a bad week. I would also like to live in denial sometimes! But it's always better to just get it over and done with so you can move on and start over. Good luck! :)