Friday, July 1, 2011

Working out NATURE style

Yesterday I took a drive up into the mountains of Colorado for a hike. I really prepared too. I brought a backpack with a rain jacket, two bottles of water, a banana, a larabar, an extra shirt, extra socks, sun screen etc...

Inside, I think...that's too much stuff. But you can never be too prepared when hiking alone.

So, I drive up to the trailhead and start off. It's so pretty. I mean REALLY pretty. I'm taking pictures and videos when all of the sudden a SNAKE darts infront of me.

After almost wetting myself with fear, I start jumping around like a crazy person and picking my feet up really high when I walk. As if to say (stay the F away from me snakes) I got boots and they're made for stompin' snakes. I don't think that message came across too clear because 10 minutes later I saw another one!!!

All this coupled with the insane amount of bugs doing that low buzz in my ear was enough for me to head back to the car. Granted, I was out there for about an hour and 45 minutes, so all was not lost. But DAMN. Sometimes nature is just too naturey for me. Know what I'm sayin'?

Can't a girl get her hike on without fear of being snaked?

Here's the video I made for Scott

In the video I say "WHO'S AN INDOOR GIRL NOW HUH"? Because Scott calls me his "indoor girl", but then I'm like, whatever...I like to drink beer on patios. That's totally an outdoorsie thing to do. Right?


  1. HAhaha! Funny post! When I first started reading, I thought "I want to do that, go hiking" til I got to the snake part then I thought "no way in hell." I'm sure you burned off extra calories taking those high steps with stomping boots on. Haha!

  2. lol! I was in New Zealand in February and it was so scenic and beautiful but I was allergic to grass the entire time.

    I realized I may not be a nature girl after all even though the pictures are beautiful! LOL!

  3. I'm loving the little videos. You and Scott are going to love having these home "movies" when you're older (and have children). Love you!