Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Searching for me?

Sometimes I'll look through my sitemeter to see how people find this blog. The other day someone googled

"naked photos of Keith Sweat"
-My blog came up. Somehow I don't think a weight loss blog was what this person was searching for? hmmmm.

I get a lot of naked searches and it always makes my Mormon sensibilities side giggle.

Any interesting searches pop up for you?


  1. Being fat is making me tired too lol. Just had to tell you that. And no, havent found myself in any strange searches yet. Oh wait, except for spokeo.com that is a horrid, horrid website. Check it out and see if you are on there! It gives people your name, age, cellphone, home phone, address, even a picture of your house!!!

  2. Ha! I got a hit a few days ago on Google for 'sexy fat girl' Still cracking me up ;o) Worst part is, the picture of me it linked to was of me just back from a fishing trip - holding a Sea Bass!
    DUDE, YOU'RE WEIRD!!! ;o)