Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do you eat if you don't eat sugar?

I've had a couple requests to post what I'm eating, since I announced the no sugar thing. So for those people...your wish is my command :)

I've never posted about any sort of daily diet, because frankly I don't want the backlash of "don't eat this, eat that" , but I'll tell you just a little of what I've been doing...right or wrong.

First, let me say that I'm not only doing no sugar, I'm doing no refined carbs as well. The two sort of go hand in hand because if it's a refined carb, it likely has added sugar. I'm also doing no refined carbs because I feel like I could totally go overboard and I'm more than anything trying to avoid foods that I feel I could get out of control with.



-2 eggs, overeasy with a couple slices of turkey or roast beef or ham on top. The only deli meat that I've found that doesn't have sugar is the Boars Head Natural.
-Banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter on it. Adams pb does not have sugar. It's the only one I can find.


Whole wheat tortilla (La Favorita) with some hummus and greens and some sort of meat. Cherry tomatoes and carrots.
Or I'll have a WW tortilla and peanut butter, but not if I've had the banana with pb for breakfast :)


Black bean quinoa which is so awesome. It's basically, quinoa, black beans, rotel tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, lime and some Mrs. Renfros jalapeno salsa. We've been making this recipe for years. If you want the full recipe, let me know.

Enchaladas- I made these last night as an adaptation of the Pioneer Woman's enchiladas. Pretty basic...ground beef or turkey, onion, corn tortillas, some doctored enchilada sauce and a little cheese on top. They were very very good!

Grilled chicken with a peanut cilantro dipping sauce with an avocodo and roasted corn salad. Both recipes taken from Mark Bitman's How to cook everything (best cookbook ever)

Pork Chops marinated in apple cider vinegar with chopped garlic, salt and pepper...then dipped lightly in whole wheat flour and lightly fried...served with a veggie, or potato with roasted red peppers and onions.

So, that's basically been it so far. I'm having trouble with mixing up breakfast and lunch. Dinners I can usually come up with something good. Like tonight I'm trying out some marinated grilled shrimp with beans and avocado served quesadilla style (with very little cheese) and some grilled corn.

Honestly my main problem has been not getting enough calories. Which, I can't believe I'd EVER EVER say that, but fruits and veggies just don't have a lot of calories in them, and since bread is out for me (except 1 ww tortilla a day) that's 110 calories, it's sort of a struggle to get enough. Which I'm sad to say has resulted in me losing NO weight since Sunday, and trust me, this isn't some sort of "I'm not losing weight, even though I SAY I'm doing everything right" sort of thing. I seriously am eating so healthfully, and yet NADA this week. All I want right now is a soda, or some chips or something really filling... But this is more than just losing weight for me at this point. It's feeling in control of food, and so far I feel very in control. So I'll keep at it.

I hope this helps :)


  1. Cutting sugar out of your diet is a great choice! Most people who are unaware of nutrition don't realize the crazy amount of sugar they are ingesting on a daily basis and what it does to their bodies!

    Avoiding foods that you think might lose control if eating is also an excellent diet strategy. This always seemed so common sense to me and I always wondered why other people didn't do it as well.

    Good luck on cutting on sugars!

  2. Girl, cutting sugar is awesome! I've been aiming to cut sugar & white flour for awhile. I'm not perfect but i'm not too bad! :) I can have bread but only 100% whole wheat & i look at the label for ones w/ no sugar (some have it). But anyway - awesome job!

  3. I would love your quinoa recipe. I am a midwestern steak, cheese and milk girl and I am trying a 21 day vegan challenge. I'm on day 5. Actually doing surprisingly well and we are losing 1 lb a day so far and have found some great recipes. BUT looking for more great vegan recipes and quinoa is the magical grain that I need to find more recipes for.

    I actually have found that my consuption of un-natural sugar (not found in fruits/etc) is of course...way down..and so is my craving for it. In fact.. I havent had any cravings for 5 days. I can't believe how easy this "diet" has been compared to everything else I've tried for 20 years! We'll see how I'll feel another week in.

    Good luck with your food changes :)

  4. I want the quinoa recipe too! Is it a bad sign that when I read the title to this post, I sang it along to the Klondike Bar jingle??!?! Guess I need to lay off the sugar!