Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Do any of you watch this show? At first I was a little "meh" about it. I think because it was a little too real world scenario. They would spend 4-6 weeks at the weight loss facility, then do the rest at home. Most of them would lose weight, but when it comes to TV, we all want to see dramatic before and after's right?

Well, it seems like the show read my mind because now they're spending all 6 months at the "ranch" losing weight. It's much more dramatic and I think it's ultimately more helpful.

This week's episode really hit me. The girl was at a starting weight of like 255 I think and her boyfriend left her because he said he wasn't attracted to her anymore. (How does that NOT effect you?) Scott and have had some really frank discussions about weight. About MY weight in particular. I know my husband is more attracted to "healthy" looking women. This is not to be misunderstood as "fat" women. When we met I was around 175 which is my "healthy" weight. My heaviest was 257...right around the girl featured on HEAVY this week...which is not at all healthy or attractive, it's just plain fat. Today my weight is 225 (personal low since starting losing weight) GO ME. It's not anywhere near the goal of 175 and still pretty fat (let's be real) but it's a decent amount away from 257.

Being fat is hard. It's emotional and draining and overall just a clusterfuck or unpleasing stuff. More than that though, it can ruin relationships if you're not careful. Attractiveness is much more than physical. When I'm fat and not doing anything about it I'm depressed and grumpy and snappy and angry. I am not happy and dopey, but I am sleepy. Who wants to be around an angry fat woman? Not me!

If my relationship-o-meter is gaged by how many times my husband slaps my ass while walking by, or by giggling my boobs at random, then I think losing weight is helping. I hope it is, because he's the most important thing in my life and although I want to lose weight for me, I want it more for us.

Can I get a Holla back girls? Who's husband's do the boob tap? I know I can't be the only one.

You can see FULL EPISODES online here


  1. have not heard about that show. But, agree with you absolutely here: Being fat is hard. One of the wonderful perks about taking care of yourself is liking yourself and who you are. This begets even more determination to care for oneself. So, glad you are doing it. You are worth it.

  2. I love Heavy. I think it is one reality show that really clicked with me. My fave part of that episode was when she rode her bike home, and her dad's reaction to her. I couldnt help but smile and giggle to myself.

    Going from 257 to 225 is amazing!!Keep up the great work!!

  3. I have been a fat girl all my life. I married to a man who has always known me overweight. He has been supportive about me when I was losing, gaining, and maintaining. I know I am so lucky, because as you oh-so cleverly and appropriately said: being fat is hard. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to not have a supportive partner in the mental, emotional, and physical ridiculousness of being a fatty.

  4. I love this post. Congrats on the weight loss, and I can totally identify about not being happy when not actively pursuing healthiness...been there, done that, and have to always keep myself in check to not slide back. I'm still about 15 pounds away from my goal weight, and can honestly say that the romance gets better and better as the weight goes down and the workouts go up -- and it's not just because he notices my figure more, but more so that I feel better about myself. Thanks for sharing this very poignant post.

  5. don't watch the show, but do get the "boob tap".

  6. I can understand where you're coming from with the weight loss and the importance of it for both of you. When I started my blog I was 251 (and it wasn't my highest) my goal is 175 and I'm currently at 206. So we're on the same boat number-wise.

    I never allowed myself to even BE in a relationship because of my weight so I'm happy to hear that you're even in a loving relationship and want to work on it. It gives my super-low self esteem a boost.

    Things will get better. Keep at it! You're awesome!

  7. I've been blessed enough to find a guy who just adores me. I'm the size now that I was when we met. In fact, he's very careful about his words when complimenting me on the weight that I've lost (I think he's nervous about making me feel like there was something "wrong" with me). I'm my own worst critic, but even when I'm a shulumpadink he's never fails to provide love, affection and words of encouragement. He's very ready to get married, but I know I need to find better work/life balance and get my health in check. I feel like I HAVE to do this before I take on the responsibility of being a wife.

  8. Girl, you KNOW I get what you're talking about. Joe has gained 25 pounds in the last year and I've gained almost the same.

    It does affect our relationship and our love life - but it's not as much him as it's me.

    When I don't exercise or eat right, I'm grumpy. I'm less lovable. And while he still loves ME, I feel less lovable - and sometimes that either puts up a barrier that I'm not even aware is there all the time.

    I also think that if I don't feel as sexy, I'm more likely to NOT giggle at the boob-tap. And yes, Joe grabs my boobs in EVERY elevator we're in no matter what.

    Classy, what?

    P.S. Sorry for the delay - just now checking blogs after being absent for two weeks.