Tuesday, February 22, 2011


People tell me they like me for my honesty on this blog. So in the spirit of that honesty, here's how the week has gone so far.

Plan:To workout every day
Truth:Not happened yet and probably won't. I've been having to wake up at 6am anyways and the odds of me waking up at 5am. HA!

Plan:To not go off the deep end into the dark side with food
Truth: When subway costs you $12 and a noodle veggie chicken dish from the food court costs $19 there is no way you can go to the dark side without dropping serious cash. NO I will NOT have a $8.00 Amstel Light with lunch are you nuts? I've had one alcoholic drink. A Heineken that set me back $8.50 when I was watching Nigel Barker speak. PS-he's cute but not so awesome to listen to. Just a smidge full of himself. I've made healthy/semi-healthy choices about 70% of the time so far. The gyro and fries was not one of those choices.

Funny story about Nigel Barker. You've probably seen him on America's Next Top Model. He's a fashion photographer. So Sunday night there was this meet and greet/kick off of the convention. He was the speaker that night. Before the festivities we were all mingling. Just me and 16,000 of my closest friends. So I meet this guy who says he does fashion photography and how he's so excited to meet Nigel Barnes. He referred to him as Nigel Barnes like 10 times. I didn't have the heart to correct him so I just listened to him talk about NB and his love of cheesy grits. I saw him again walking around and he was like "aaaayyyyy" and put his hand out for a fist pump. So I said "ayyyyy grits!" I swear it was funny in my head. Also, I know I totally called grits out on my blog, but I totally understand what happened to him. I'm the queen of being like "OMG, I love Pink Floyd" and then someone's like, what's your favorite album and I'm like, ummmmmm the one with the rainbow thingie. It's ok grits, I got your back.

I called a man grits. See how I always tie things back with food?

Signing off from buffet land
(there I go again)


  1. Just you and 16,000 friends? Sounds awesome.

  2. Actually, Nigel is a NOTED fashion photographer.


    Tyra always says that.

    It makes me want to pull out my hair.

    Also, I love that you called the guy Grits. I get it. And it's funny.