Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts on stuff. And stuff like that

Hi Everyone! I've decided to add blogging back into my life again. At first I was like, blogging, we're through. But not in a mean way, in a it's not you, it's me way. But here's the thing...

You know those cute lifestylie blogs where the young women go on about their beautiful lives and their perfect families and such. Some of you are like, yeah I know and I hate those blogs. Some of you are like, yeah I know, and I read those blogs. Some people think they're fake and that their lives can't possibly be that charming. However you feel about those blogs, here's the thing. When you have a blog, you really look for things to write about/showcase during the day. For the cute lifestyle bloggers, they look for the good and cute and pretty things about their lives. It doesn't mean their lives are always perfect, but if you're looking for good and cute and pretty, you're more likely to find it.

Stay with me, I promise I'm circling back around :)

When you have a health blog/weight loss blog, it's on your mind. The blog doesn't necessarily hold you accountable, but at least it's on your radar. This way when you're driving around and you see a gas station and you're all, ohhhhh YEAH let's get a donut, you remember you're a weight loss blogger, not a food porn blogger. Having a weight loss blog keeps you in check in a way. Statistics show weight loss bloggers eat 1/4 of the oreos they would have normally eaten had they not blogged that same day! Do you believe me? You shouldn't, I totally made that up.

Number of times I said Blog/Blogger in this post-16
Number of pounds I lost while on a blog hiatus- 0
Number of reasons I need blogging...and YOU in my life- 489

So, I'm here again. Is there anybody out there? Will you take me back?


  1. Still here, Katy. =) Welcome back.

  2. Still here - well, back myself after my own, similar hiatus. ;)

  3. Can't say welcome back in as much as I'm only just begun myself so Hi! - but would love to follow along - Am learning how this isn't easy but gotto keep on going!

  4. You're cute.

    And of COURSE I'm still here. :)

  5. HAHA! This was cute. I love the statistic thing you said HAHAHA. Welcome back!! =)

  6. So if my blog is all "whine whine whine blah blah blah" I should probably go on hiatus right?

    I'm still reading. If you'll have me.

  7. Wasn't before, but I'm so with you now. Love your posts, my dear.