Friday, February 4, 2011

How much protein can a wood chuck chuck

I think I've been in denial about protein. I know we need it, especially for weight loss and intense workouts, but I've never really been one to track the grams I'm getting. Just for kicks, I asked Scott to tell me the formula for calculating how much protein you should be getting. I have a tendency to ask others to do things for me I could clearly do for myself. It's endearing, isn't it?

Here's the formula

Take that number and multiply it by .8 on the low end if you're totally sedentary, or 1.8 if you're very active.

Here's how it breaks down for me

So I should be taking in between 83-187 grams of protein a day. HOLY PROTEIN, right?

I feel like I've had a lot of protein today so far with My greek yogurt and blueberry b-fast and double turkey burger lunch and I've only still had 60 grams.

I'm definitely not sedentary (except for when I watch Tyra-my dirty little secret) but I'm also not EXTREMELY active either. I'm shooting for 100 grams of protein a day and that seems like I'll have to invest in a pig farm to be able to keep up my protein habit. I think the reason this is so shocking to me is because I'm not a huge meat eater. Until this week where I recommitted myself we never ever bought meat to prepare in the house. We're not vegetarian, although we have been in the past, we just mostly eat meat when we eat out and not so much in the home.

How do you get your protein? Meat? Meat substitutes? Eggs? Yogurt? Beans? What else?


  1. my nutritionist told me that you should base this off of a healthy weight for your height - not your current weight. i was getting similarly ridiculous amounts of protein that i would never be able to eat! if you use your goal weight, it's much more manageable.

  2. I've never really paid much attention to the amount of protein I consume in grams. I saw a nutritionist about a year ago. I remember her telling me to eat 6oz of lean chicken, beef or fish every day (along with 2 servings of dairy), so I tend to stick to that formula. Unlike you, I am a total fan of meat ( I could eat an 8oz steak by myself - seriously!), so I've been trying to include more beans and lentils and other meat alternatives.

  3. Glad to find your blog. I'm less concerned with the amount of protein than with the amount of carbs (minimizing said carbs). I emphasize protein, don't care about fat, but watch calories. My protein comes from whole eggs, all types of meats, seafood, Greek yogurt, some dairy, whey protein (for the occasional protein substitute breakfast), and rarely beans.
    Look forward to reading back posts!

  4. Protein powder, it's the only way I get mine in. Mixed with some milk gets me loads of protein and is great for right after working out as that's the best time to get that much protein in.

    Also lots of egg whites. If I find I'm low on protein for the day I make a snack of like 3 or 4 egg whites.

    Good Luck hun!

  5. Heya, thanks for the comment on my blog! Dunno if you checked it out or not but here's a link to my feed the hungry project for weight loss bloggers:

    Now, on to the topic ;)

    I'm recommended to get around 91 grams.

    I generally get between 40-60some. I know on days I work late I drink a protein shake with breakfast made with soy milk to keep me fuller longer.

    This works fine for me. I'm vegan and at first there was a week or two of feeling not so hot, but I had read that you will detox from meat protein the same as you would refined sugar/carbs, or anything else that's not so good for you that you used to over do it on.

    Now I feel great, I just try and listen to my body and ignore what people say I 'should' be eating. Don't worry too much, eat healthy and listen to your body signals. I have medical problems (unrelated to diet) that require me to pay close attention to what my body is saying and what I need to do to keep things running.

    If you feel tired and run down, you most likely need protein, if not you are probably fine.

    I am going to get mine checked next time I have a physical. It should be fine though, when I went veggie I had it checked and my protein levels were actually above normal. I'll post results on my blog.

    To keep from getting to that run down point and to keep your sugar in check (if that is an issue for you, mine is a little high.) eat a small amount of protein with most meals, diversity is good. You should be okay then without having to deal with things like high cholesterol if you are getting your protein from not just meat.

    This is an example of my day:

    breakfast: 3 servings of assorted fresh fruits with .25 cup of a nut or seed. (or long work days, 2 servings of fruit and 1 protein shake.)

    Lunch: tofu with brown rice and lots of veggies

    Snack: Large salad with tons of veggies and .25 cup of sunflower seeds on top or something like hummus and veggies, or fruit and seeds.

    Dinner: sweet potato spinach curry with roasted cauliflower.

    That seems to be good for me, enough protein and fiber and variety to keep me satisfied. Good luck!