Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The great debate: Pounds vs Inches

Remember a few days ago when I was like, I'm back!!! Remember also when I told you I hadn't gained any weight since I last left you? Well, that's true I havn't gained any weight back, but I have gained inches. If you've been with me for a while you'll remember back in early 2010 I did body for life. If I remember correctly I lost 15 lbs and 15 inches. I think that's right because I remember being semi-dissapointed that I only lost 15 lbs, but I felt like that was sort of balanced out by losing 15 inches.

Well guess what, nearly all 15 inches are back on. Since I've been back blogging, I've been very aware of my food intake and all that comes along with "looking good naked". I took my measurements and I'll be dammed. The size of my body is nearly the same as it was a year ago at this time. I was frustrated and a little upset, but I think it proved to be a good lesson for me.

Weight is not everything. Yes, I know you know this, but let me say it again. Weight is not everything.

Would you rather be 10 lbs heavier than you are right now, but be a size smaller too? I would. Not that I want to think of being 10 lbs heavier, but you get the point. For me, being one size smaller would mean being able to shop in "most" stores. That would be life changing. I wouldn't be relegated to Old Navy, Target and Macy's.

So this time, I'm going to focus on the scale (becuase I can't NOT do that, let's be real) but I'm also really going to give credit to inches lost and energy gained. I want to feel awesome again. I want to feel like I can flip a monster truck wheel. I figure if I can feel like that again, and keep that feeling, than the pounds and inches will work their way off this body.


  1. You are so right about inches lost being more important than pounds, especially for your health. Inches lost reflect fat loss, which means improved health. Weight varies so much that the scale, while useful, is just too, umm, variable to reflect our true achievements toward health - and isn't that why we are doing this? (Well, of course losing fat makes us look better too...)

  2. I definitely think inches are more important. Inches show you actually ARE getting smaller. The scale shows all those other things...water & muscle & all that. :) I would rather weigh more & go down a size for sure! :)

  3. Absolutely, I'll take the smaller size, if it's cause I built up muscle and got fitter. I work darn hard to build muscle, have since I was 278 lbs, and am now 223, and the muscle makes a difference in quality of life and other things. So, yeah. I'll take the FIT over the FAT even if it's a blip on the scale. Cause, eventually, keep doing the right things and the scale moves, too. :)

  4. Inches show true progress, but it is almost impossible to be satisfied with that alone. You want the scale to reflect your effort too.

  5. Just found your blog from your comment on the Allan/Lisa thing. Loved the notion that we all have a "little Lisa in us." So true.

    As for pounds vs inches... ultimately we start this journey with the goal of seeing the pounds shed, but in terms of appearance and how I feel about myself, inches seem more relevant.

    I have so much to lose that I'll whatever I can get now! Looking forward to following your journey.