Thursday, September 9, 2010


You know what’s better and more life changing than giving up soda? Giving up Cable. For realsies, you should give a whirl. I know it sounds scary giving up your Kate Plus 8, Cake Boss, Teen Mom and House Hunters but your ass will thank me and so will your pocket book. Who even says pocket book anymore besides Oprah? We save about $100 a month and that was just the “basic” cable more or less. No HBO or other movie channels. $100 a month people! Think of how many flies in the eyes babies you could be saving. Think of how much shit you could buy from HSN. Think of how much money you could donate to Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA kitties! OK, is that enough TV reference for you crammed into one paragraph?

We still watch TV. We’re not barbarians! We just are really limited in what we watch now (because of the rabbit ears) and that’s a good thing in my opinion. If there’s nothing good on, we don’t watch TV. We all know how tempting watching Spanish speaking televangelists can be, but sometimes you have to pull yourself away from the tube and go for a bike ride. Actually LIVE life instead of watching others do it for you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got 27 cable tv shows in my Netflix queue to watch.

image by capitalistbanter


  1. Hahahaha! :)

    Ever since I moved in with Joe I don't watch TV anymore. I still DVR Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Grey's Anatomy...but the truth is, I don't usually watch them - so they're stacking up in our DVR.

    And I don't miss it. What I gain is WAY cooler than what I miss.

    Also? I like you. I like your writing. Basically, you rock.

  2. Its hard to give it up when you don't have to pay for it(working for the cable company, not stealing). Though we have cut down with Sharolyn's new job.

  3. That's a thought I've had many times, but never pulled the trigger on. Oh what else I could do with some of that time; I do multi-task by watching tivo'd shows while on the treadmill, so that's some improvement although I've been feeling guilty about not enjoying the very free, very satisfying view of outside while it's still nice....decisions, decisions...And good for you guys:-)

  4. We gave up cable this past May...seriously, don't miss it (well hubby does-not me) When I had read you gave up cable awhile ago...I thought, geez...maybe we should give it a try. It has been great! We don't even watch regular tv because....we have to buy a converter box, or so everyone says -- the only thing I will miss is BL, but I can watch it the next day on Hula -- thanks for inspiring me to cut the cable! Best thing we have done for awhile!!

  5. We've never had cable but unfortunately I apply all that no TV time to sitting in front of the computer and playing with blogs and surfing the 'net. You're right, I need to get out more and live life!

  6. (mutters)...just seems un-American to me.