Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soda or Pop? 3 week review

Well it's been 3 weeks since I decided to give the no soda thing a go. Here are my thoughts.

I honestly feel no different. I wish I could report that I feel amazing without the sauce, but I feel pretty much the same. Maybe this is because I wasn't drinking a lot of soda before? Well, depends on what you'd call a lot I guess. I'd typically have one can a day, sometimes, none, sometimes a couple.

It also wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't have headaches or any symptoms of withdrawl. I started to want a soda real bad after like a week or so, but didn't. This weekend while camping I had half of a rockstar cola which is like soda on speed. It doesn't really taste good, and the other half spilled all over the trunk of my car, so I took that as another sign that Utah hates me and my caffeine ways. Just kidding.

Mostly though I miss the carbonation. I gave up soda as well as anything carbonated. I figure those Izze drinks are nearly as bad when it comes to calories and sugar. Sure they're fizzy juice and 100% natural, but they still have like 24 grams of sugar in them. So aside from the half rockstar cola, oh....nevermind, I did have a can of Dr. Pepper once too (weak spot). Aside from that, I've had none. 1.5 cans in 3 weeks...progress, not perfection, right?

Even though I don't feel like it was the best decision I've ever made, I feel it's a pretty damn good one. And even though in general I don't feel any different, I'm still going to proclaim the soda free lifestyle. It's just better for my body even if my body doesn't know it yet.


  1. I think the benefits kick in after a longer period of time. There is the carbonation-bloating-expanding-your-stomach thing that makes you feel more hungry, the artificial sweeteners that get you wanting more sweets, etc.

    I think you are wise to stick with it.

  2. See I gave up soda too but I was a full on junkie. I drank a gallon or better a day of diet mountain dew and man I can tell a difference now that I quit. I don't have cravings like I used to, I drink water and that has apparently gotten the relationship between my liver and my kidneys straightened out because I have never lost weight this fast before. So yeah keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah....Katy....!! Keep off the soda, your body will love you for keeping it out of its system. The soda, not only does it have the sugar, and has tons of chemicals that are wrecking havoc on your body! I am glad it was not so difficult to give up - probably because you were not a soda junkie! Keep up the good work!!

  4. If you are craving the "fizzy" try the LaCroix carbonated waters. No artificial sweeteners, no deliciousygoodness! :)

  5. Also, at Trader Joe's (Hope you look back at this "new comment") there's some sparkling H20 that's amazing (regular, lime, or lemon) & totally natural, calorie free, etc. My hubby loves it plain & also uses it to mix a drink, ie vodka. Try it out!