Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moab in Pictures

Leaving Colorful Colorado!

Entering Utah, the land where crazy shit happens.

Like where bikes fall off the back of the bike rack you have attached to your trunk. My little orangie hung on for dear life, but she got a bit of road rash as you can see here. We're just thankful that she didn't fall off all the way and cause a 10 car pileup.

When we arrived at our campsite we noticed how large and spacious it was! Not close to your neighbors at all. Not at all close enough where you could hear them breathing in the middle of the night. Not close enough to hear them rummaging through who knows what for 45 minutes at 11:00pm. And certainly not close enough to the highway where the big rigs sounded like jets flying overhead. It was practically the 4 seasons!

This is Scott's WTF face. I mostly like his forearm in this picture

He beat his chest, howled and shouted "I'm a MAN" after I took this picture.

Race day! Our friends Mike and Kelly mapping out the course. This is where Mike is saying "now here is where Scott will get his second flat of the race...and here his third, and here his fifth, and sixth and yes...seventh flat tire.

Before the race. Always a smile on that man.

Still smiling. This was right after his 5th flat tire.

This was at the top of a series of hills BIG HILLS called "little nasty" and "big nasty" Sort of looks like the Grand Canyon from up here.
Right before this as I was driving up through the hills, I got yelled at. So, the whole time the race was on the road...a road with cars. This was not a closed course or anything. So you had to pass bikers continuously. Let's get this straight...I'm a bit of a biker myself. This is to say that I understand the rules of biking and passing and what not. So I'm driving behind this girl, about to turn at a switchback and I'm going like literally maybe 5 miles an hour because 1) tons of bikes and 2) side of large cliff and 3) it's a tight switchback. My plan was to pull off the road and take some pictures. So I'm behind this girl by like 10 feet and her team mates (Team in training from North Texas) were YELLING AT ME, saying "GIVE HER ROOM, GIVE HER ROOM." My windows are down and I was still at this point like 10 feet from the girl on the bike and about 10 feet from the yelling trio. So I'm like, oh hell no! So I pull over like I'd planned, get out of my car and walk over and calmly say, uh why are you yelling at me? Totally caught them off guard. They were like, you should give her ROOM! I said SHE HAD 10 FEET BEHIND HER and I was going 5 mph. I was PULLING OVER! They said nothing. What I gather from this is that North Texas women are a big on edge. Sorry ladies, but chill the fuck out!
Turns out Scott had a run in with the same 3 girls about 40 miles later. He was passing them on a downhill and didn't say "on your left" like you normally do. He didn't say this because he was passing really far over anyway...and let me just add that Scott is the "on your left nazi" meaning he says it all the time and gets antsy when I don't say it. So he's passing and the girls all yell "ON YOUR LEFT" at him. WTF North Texas? So scott yelled...I'll do it next time. hahaha. Good one babe.

Fast forward. Scott just had his 7th flat tire and had no more tubes and no more patch kits. He had to give up the ghost. This was on the drive down.

Pretty cool shot huh? The woman in blue I actually met on the course. She was not part of the actual event, just happened to be there and wanted to take advantage of all the biker energy and climb as long as she could. She used my cell phone and I gave her water. Pretty ironic I happened to snap this picture of her on the way down.

Kelly giving some love to Mike after he finished.

Bike carnage....The End.


  1. anyone that can ride a bike that tiny is awesome!! fabulous job and beautiful pics

  2. great pics... and i mostly liked his forearm in that picture too :)

  3. Wow, that had to be a blast...minus the N. Texas women (they must think they own the road)-- great pics! Thanks for sharing!