Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My swimming debut

Remember how I said I was joining a swim team? Well I had my first official practice this past Saturday.

You know what I hate about speedo's? back fat! It gives even people with no extra flesh on their back, back fat. And NEW speedo's? Totally unstretched from the water and chlorine? Fagetaboutit. So right off the bat, I'm like, hi I'm Katy and please excuse my back fat. I'll just jump in the pool now to hide it.

So back to the story. So I get to the pool and I'm so excited. I met everyone and they were all really nice and helpful. I was told that I looked like I should be in the middle lane, which honestly in my head I was like SCORE! NOT the slowest lane! So I jump in and we start our workout. Which for anyone who cares was a 4400. FYI, that's a LOT. A LOT!

So we start swimming and I'm swimming with a girl who looks like she's fresh out of high school and super fit and I'm like, great. But actually I'm keeping up with her pretty well. Granted it was hard, but I hung in there. Then my goggles started to leak because the foam seal was falling off of the plastic. So I tried a different pair. Those didn't work either. I was about to have to call it quits when I borrowed an extra pair from a fellow swimmer. Thank god. I didn't want to be the girl who left 20 minutes into the practice. The practice was 1.5 hrs. WOW!

What happened after that was just a lot of laps. There was even some butterfly thrown in for good panting measure. I haven't swam a lap of butterfly in 11 years, but it turns out it's like riding a bike. Except my bike has an extra 70 -80 pounds on it now.

But after we were done I got some really great compliments which sent my self esteem through the roof. One woman was like, I can't believe you havn't swam in 11 years, you didn't look like it. Another said that she was amazed I finished the whole workout. And that most new people call it a day about half way through. I'm totally determined to do this! Even if I'm panting and have a red face.

(another woman said, you must be hot, your face is red) Gee thanks! I wanted to be like, well the pool is like bath water lady! But I don't think she meant harm. My face was pretty red after all.

PS-I was looking for a picture of someone doing butterfly and I cam across a chick with a butterfly tattooed ON her hooha! Not above it, like ON it. What do you think...should I post that? I can hear my husband saing (YES!) haha


  1. "hi I'm Katy and please excuse my back fat. I'll just jump in the pool now to hide it."

    That had me literally laughing out loud. AND OH how I needed that today.

    Congrats on kicking ass. Swimming is totally hard and I'm all kinds of impressed that you did fantastically.

  2. Congrats! What an awesome way to workout!

  3. A 4400?! That is a lot! Wow. You inspire me. :)

  4. Wowza - that is a lot of swimming! I'm glad to hear you found a team to swim with. Have fun!

  5. I am officially bowing to you for an hour and a half workout swimming! Dude, I go from one end of the pool to the next and it is over!!

  6. I avoid pools because I worry that the "Save the Whale" peeps will come out of nowhere and try to rescue me. Granola dickheads.

  7. I am very impressed!!!! Not an easy thing to do!!

    i thought about finding a swim team, but I started swimming with fins for fun and now I can barely move without them. i hate to go without them, because I can swim so much longer. Not sure what to do!!

    Anyway keep up the great work!!!


  8. WOW! I'm impressed and encouraged! This summer I spent some time at the pool swimming and realized how fun it was AND how my technique is awful! I thought about taking an adult swim class to learn strokes....after reading your post I might just do that!

  9. So proud of you!! and you should feel so proud of yourself...after 11 years hiatus...you are awesome!! Middle Lane!! and you did the whole workout..Katy, ever think about doing Ironman??? they have a 70.3, and On Sat. when I watched the live feed of Ironman Kona, they announced a new 50.5 Ironman...when I get all the info I am sending it your way -- I think this should be your new goal! Me on the other hand -- Can not swim!! Great workout --keep us posted!!